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Wednesday 22 January 2014


Hello everyone

The sun is shining again - how fandabbydoozee is that?

Jill has bought herself a new computer, so I am claiming the laptop as mine, all mine.  Although she does keep borrowing it from me.  Huh!

Everywhere in my garden is thick mud still and my white fur tends to look a little grubby at times - I do try very hard to keep it sparkling, but sometimes Jill says is looks a little grey.  Could it be that secretly I am trying to make myself into a black cat?  I can hide from birds and frogs that way - not that there are many frogs around at the moment.

Jill spoke to Mary's new family yesterday (she was our last foster kitten) and she has settled in very well.  Very pleased to hear that she has learnt some of the tricks I taught her - 'removing' things humans think are theirs.  Well done Mary - got to keep these humans on their toes.

As I said at the beginning of this post, the sun is shining and I really love to be outside when it is, so off I go.  I will be back next week - have a good week everyone.


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