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Wednesday 12 March 2014


Hello everyone

Just woken up from an early morning snooze - well I have been up and about very early today.  Jill said something about the dawn chorus, not sure what that is but it did wake me up.

Our foster kittens, Primrose and Jasmine, are going to their new homes next week.  I am sure they will be very happy and a big thank you to Woking Cats Protection - without them I wouldn't be living here.  there are still lots of lovely kittens and cats looking for new homes, so don't forget to check out the CP website.

While I was out this morning got together my collection of stuff that I had found on my travels.  I brought home a large bone - Jill said it could be chicken - and yet another feather.  I still cannot understand why Jill isn't pleased with the presents I bring in for her.  On Monday I brought a frog in for her - it was alive and jumping around, so what's wrong with that?  I am one confused kitten.

What else have I been doing since my last post?  Chasing creatures in the field at the bottom of my garden, climbing trees, playing with Poppy (who follows me everywhere), chasing Coco.  I have given up chasing Jazz and Daisy - they are so much older than I am and like to snooze a lot.  I think Jill said they are six years old.  Ancient!

That's me blogged out for this week - time to play.

Have a good week everyone - I will be back next week.


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