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Wednesday 26 March 2014


Hello everyone

Well, what happened to last week's diary post?  I have to put it down to there being so much sunshine that I that I just ran out of time - sorry about that, but I do love sunshine.  I was born in August, so that explains it really.

We are foster-kitten-less at the moment - although I am still really a kitten.  Primrose and Jasmine went to their new homes last week and have settled in very well.  Jill donned her blue Cats Protection fleece last Friday morning for some fund-raising at Byfleet's Pets at Home - she bought us some new catnip twists.  One was very, very strong and I feel asleep in a basket after playing with it!

Richard has been dismantling the shed and we have been helping him.  Coco jumped out of a tree where he was working and frightened the life out of him.  Every time he moves a piece of wood we all take turns at jumping into the space he has created.  I don't think he is very impressed with our efforts to help him though.
It's quick post from me today, or rather tonight, because it really is my bed time - lots to do tomorrow if the sun shines.  Have a great week - see you soon.


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