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Sunday 30 March 2014


Hello everyone

Long lovely sunny and warm days are very motivating - but often in the wrong direction.  When you work for your self you know how easy it is to make excuses not to do something.  Mine seems to be 'I can do that this evening' or 'I will definitely do that tomorrow'.  The warm sunny days make me want to be outside working in the garden - I think because it is so rare to have weather like this in March, that I want to make the most of it in case we have snow, rain, wind and frost!  We have experienced this in April before now, so perhaps I will carry on gardening just in case the weather changes (see, yet another excuse).

Whether it is the experience of being a stallholder on many occasions or the prospect of being on the other end of the event stick, I am not sure, but I have spent more time this week trying to think of ideas to increase footfall, awareness and popularity of the Godalming Independent Markets.  Sadly, I have abandoned the Easter Bunny and as the Stilt-Walker was too expensive, that has also gone by the wayside.  However, in addition to the face-painter and balloon modeller, the Mayor and Mayoress of Godalming will attending the event on Saturday.  Apart from being something of local interest to event, it will also bring publicity for the stallholders as the local newspaper will be there taking photographs.

I nipped into Godalming bright and early this morning (well as bright and early that losing an hour could make me) and fixed my banner to the front of the Godalming Borough Hall.  Hirers are allowed to do this for the week prior to their event and as it is opposite Waitrose I am hoping that it will draw lots of attention and encourage people to visit us.  Here it is:

My pottery course finished this week - we have a long wait until the next term begins on 1 May.  I have been making figures recently and this is one of my most recent ones.  His (or her?) eyes are hidden by a rather large hat:

He stands about 9" tall and the top part of his hat is empty - I could either use him for a very small pot plant or place a tea light in his hat.  My plan is to make a much larger one next time that I can use as an outside planter.  There are two previous figures that I left for glazing over the break - one has three eyes.  The reason for this?  Because I couldn't get two eyes lined up so I just added a third for interest!

My floor plan is calling - it's almost complete and as with all of us who have taken part in a fair, the concern is will I (or in this case, they) like where I have been put.  I will let you know next week when I do a post-event blog.

Have a great week everyone, I  hope you have lots of sunshine but don't forget to have a break from all that relaxing in the sun and drop in on the Handmade Monday bloggers.

See you next week



  1. I find the sunny weather more motivating, just because I feel more energised and know that there will be good enough light for photos!

  2. Aww i love your clay figure! I think you could still use him as a planter if you wanted too.. i could see a mini cactus looking rather fetching sticking out the top of his hat! :)

    It sounds like you've done a fantastic job of organising the market and the banner looks very inviting, i'm sure it will help to drawn in the crowds :) x

  3. Good luck with the fair. I'm sure it will be hard to please everyone. But just think by this time next week it will be over.

  4. I absolutely love your clay figure! He is brilliant.

  5. Spring fever! Sounds like we've all got it bad.

  6. I hear why you are saying about the sunny weather, I too have been in the garden making the most:)
    You have put so much thought and effort into Saturday I hope it goes really well,

  7. Loving the banner Jill, spotted it on the station run it really stands out!

    Glad you liked the Silent Sunday pic of Badger Boo advertising the event he likes to help out where he can :)

    Loving the pottery figure, that's just my type of thing, you'll be selling them soon at this rate I'm sure.

    Lots to do before Saturday and if you need any help setting up on the day give me a shout.


  8. OH wow, I absolutely love your pottery figure, he looks amazing!! Cant wait to see the others in the future...
    Hope your Easter event is a success for you and the weather stays fine xx

  9. Fab, Jill. Looking forward to our catch up x.

  10. I just love your pottery figure. His hat is brilliant.

    Great looking banner. It really stands out.

    I'm keeping everything crossed that the event will be a huge success. You deserve it as given the amount of time you've put into organising it xx

  11. I really hope your first event as organiser goes well and that you get lots of people coming along. If I hadn't got my own fair I might have driven down to say hi but maybe another time.

  12. Good luck with the fair Jill, I hope it all goes smoothly and you get loads of people through the doors

  13. Your pottery vase is a great design. I hope you continue to have nice spring weather. Best of luck with your fair. Wish I was close enough to attend.

  14. Looking forward to your post fair account! Very cute that figure - I think a big one for the garden is a great idea - could have 2 at the front door !


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