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Sunday 23 March 2014


Hello everyone

It is often hard to come up with a witty, snappy blog post title isn't it?  This week I couldn’t come up with a witty, snappy title so went with the one I have - not inspiring but, hey, it's a title.

How are you?  It seems we are about to drop into some freezing winter weather - apparently this is what we have missed over the last few weeks.  Just when the Camelias are flowering the Magnolias thinking about flowering and certain other plants that normally hate frost are peeping, the weather will be against them.

In between event organising and make cards and decorating bags, I have managed to spend time in the garden this week.  Apart from weeding (do weeds ever stop growing?) I sowed my tomato seeds and decided to give gherkins a try.  The problem is I may forget the gherkins and will end up with courgettes, possibly marrows!  Not too bad really as we like all of them.

I haven't found the Easter Bunny for my event and discovered that a Stilts-Walker would cost a frightening - amount but could I do it?  No way.  However, I have booked a lovely face-painter, Artyfacial, and also Mr Magic who will be doing balloon modelling.  Less than two weeks to go and, boy, am I getting nervous!  I am still up to my eyes in flyer and posting delivering and posting and the crazy thing is this is only one of six events this year!   By the end of this year I should be stick-thin - wishful thinking.

I took part in the Play Kenya Craft Fair yesterday - this is an event that runs twice each year and I have been part of if for the last two years  It is well organised, very well supported and attracts a great range of sellers of handmade goodies.  Next door to me was one of the stall holders taking part in my 5 April event - really nice to meet Jill Stobbart of the Gilded Raven.

My stall had my new range of cards using the gorgeous hats, boots and flowers I have placed on here over recent weeks as well as my Easter-themed jute bags - these included three new ones in the ever popular cat range:

I did a bit of Godalming Independent Market promotion while I was at the event.  Lots of interest and one lady has already contacted me.  However, I was very surprised when one stallholder said 'if I have to buy insurance I am not interested'.  I pointed out that apart from it being a requirement of my event insurance, it was in her own best interest.  Her response was that her work would not harm anyone - I said how about your table set up, table cloth, boxes?  I said I would forward details of my PLI so that she could see it was not as expensive as she assumed.   Surely it is better to be safe than sorry – it is also much, much cheaper. 

The hailstones have stopped, so I think I can just get some more pesky weeds pulled up before it gets too cold and frosty.  Have a great week everyone, thank you for your comments on my blog post of last week and don’t forget to join in and visit this week's Handmade Monday blog party.



  1. Its heart wrenching when late frost claims tender young plants isn't it... we've sown tomatoes this week too, at least we can protect them from the frost indoors!

    Sounds like you're a natural at event organising, i really look forward to hearing all about the next fair in a couple of weeks! x

  2. We haven't planted anything yet... although this weekend we did weed the strawberries, I am sure they are breathing a sigh of relief! I never quite know re planting and when to start!!
    The craft fair sounds so well organised:)

  3. Looking forward to hearing how your event goes. I wouldn't do craft fairs or even sell online without insurance - who knows what could happen. I have often been told I must have it for events but no-one yet has ever checked it!

  4. Sounds like everything is moving along as planned and at least the next ones should be a bit easier because you will have one under your belt. Good luck!

  5. I really like your jute bags with the cat designs. I like the simplicity of the silohettes.

  6. I love your cat designs! Sounds like you had a fun filled week. Best of luck with your garden. We have plenty of sunshine but also lots of snails who like to eat the garden plants! Have a wonderful week.

  7. Hi Jill, back from hols and catching up. You do sound very busy. The jute bags are lovely x.

  8. Except for a bit of tidying up I haven't done anything in the garden yet, we had hail, thunder and lightening last evening, it was frosty this morning and now the sun is shining, at least we have variety.
    I love your bags :)

    Jan x

  9. It sounds like you are really busy. Fingers crossed that it all goes well for you.

  10. Hope the Easter event goes well for you xx
    Was really hoping that we had got away with not having any freezing weather! Certainly fingers crossed there is no S***!

  11. You sound very busy as usual! I had a similar problem with my blog post title this week too!

  12. We had hale yesterday too. At first we thought it was snow but thankfully it wasn't....

    Your cat bags are simply gorgeous. No doubt they will be a best seller. Good luck with the rest of your event organising xx

  13. Sounds like you'll be exhausted after all the year's events are done. There was hail here on Sunday but only for about a minute. Hopefully winter stays away for a bit longer yet.


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