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Sunday 30 October 2011


Hi everyone

The clocks have gone back, we have gained some daylight in the morning, but lost it in the evening.  I don't know about you, but I don't mind getting up in the dark, as I much prefer lighter evenings if I had the choice.  Winters are long enough as it is, and getting dark at 4.00 pm is not much fun.  But, the good news is that Christmas is on its way and it is a lovely time of year.

It's Handmade Monday - please someone tell me where the time goes, because it only seems a day or two since the last one.  Not that I mind, as it is a great opportunity to visit some fantastic blogs.  I hope you visited the ones last week that gave tutorials on making a fabric wreath and gift bags - both really lovely and on my list of things to-do.

My 'make' this week is an A4 Christmas card.  I used the Nitwit Village decoupage for this, but added my own touch.  I ripped around the edge of a blue A4 piece of card to resemble sky and added some fluffy-looking clouds to the scene - these were also torn from white card.  I like making big cards because there is a lot more space to be creative.

I really enjoyed the event in Godalming yesterday.  I met up with some crafters from previous events, which was good as well as one from the event Caroline and I organised in the Normandy Village Hall.  She was very disappointed to hear that we did not have any others planned as she felt there was definitely a need for craft-only events in this area.  Yesterday's event was very well attended and lots of lovely things were on sale.  I was very pleased with my sales, and also very embarrassed when 2 people said 'do you have a website?'.  Very red-faced I had to say its on its way.  Well done Loretta, a very well organised event and I am looking forward to your next one.

It is interesting to observe people's views of handmade items.  At yesterday's event I had a basket of birthday and thank you cards at £1.50 each - I was amazed when one 'potential' customer asked the price and when I advised her £1.50, she put them back in the basket and moved off without saying anything.  Isn't it strange how people will pay £2, £3 or more in a supermarket for a mass-produced, non-personalised card without a second thought, but with a one-off handmade card they balk at the price?  Sometimes being a crafter can be a little disheartening, but thank goodness the majority of people respect the hard work that goes into our craft.

I am off to put my feet up and plan for this week's event - I had kidded myself that I wouldn't make any stock as I have loads.  The problem is there are always ideas buzzing around in my head for new cards, so just have to get on with the card-making and make the ideas a reality.

Don't forget to come along to the event I am at this week if you are in the Guildford area:  2 November, 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm, The Holly Lodge Christmas Shopping & Pamper Evening, Stratford Road, Ash Vale, Surrey, GU12 5PX.

Hope you a great week - don't forget co check out the other Handmade Monday crafters and I will be back on Thursday with my usual mid-week post.



  1. Wish I was closer!

    Love the very detailed card you made - lots of work but so lovely!

    I wish they wouldn't mess about with the clocks too.

  2. That card is beautiful, I love the detail on it. Don't be put off by the odd rude customer, if the rest of your cards are as lovely as that one then £1.50 is a steal. x

  3. Hi jill I agree would be much nicer to have a lighter evening
    glad you enjoyed your craft fair I too am amazed at what people will pay for mass produced products makes you laugh really as they expect-hand made goods for next to nothing
    good luck at your next craft fair hope it goes well XXX

  4. wow, u have been busy with ur card. lots is happening there :) i love the houses with the snow icicles on them, so cute! would love one house like this for myself :)

    as for the clock changing, i think i prefer more daylight in the morning as i get up for work, its easier to jump out of bed than on a dark morning. i dont mind longer evenings tho as i sit at home and craft or snuggle on the sofa with a cuppa and my stitching project or a book :)

    yeah, hand-made versus mass produce - never-stopping debate... there are people and people. i always make and send/give my hand made stuff only to those who, i know, will appreciate it, esp the cross stitch projects as they take the longest to do them. some ppl are simply happy with cards they buy in poundlands and other shops, some like something more personal. selling stuff at craft fairs, i noticed that lots of ppl still dont recognize the real value of a hand crafted item. some dont even have any faintest ideas about the techniques that are involved in making them! only ppl involved in crafting truly understand how much time is spent on hand made creations and what the costs are :)

  5. I think 1.5 for a handmade card is a bargain and I think you should charge more. I like the Christmas card you made.

  6. Hi Jill. Anything with little houses on it gets my vote, it's very cute. I know what you mean about sniffy customers, if they prefer mass produced that's their lookout, for some reason people seem to think handmade should mean cheap!

  7. Love the card! I can't understand how people pay around £2 in a supermarket and think that £1.50 for a gorgeous one-off hand made one is expensive. Not looking looking forward to the dark nights either. x

  8. Wow, that card is beautiful, I love all of the details, and I would love to see it in person, it has such a dimensional look.
    And yes, I don't at all understand people and handmade goods. I think a lot of them think that handmade equals cheap or bargain. I used to sell stuff on ebay but quit because people seemed to not want to pay much for things, and it just wasn't worth my time (this was before the era of Etsy etc. For now I just make crafts for my own edification and for gifts.

  9. I know exactly what you mean about people not valuing your work... I think part of the problem is that when people see a stall, they think, "Bargain!" I remember having this same conversation with a stall holder in Covent Garden over 30 years ago.

    Love your 3D card :)

  10. Lovely card - I have to say I much prefer a smaller space to work in - but that's a personal choice:)

  11. Love the card Jill a perfect Christmas and good you did well at your event.

  12. Amazing card, love the snowy rooftops. As for the handmade/pricing issue, well don't get me started! Some people think we should be trying to undercut the mass producers, or as we're obviously only doing it to amuse ourselves ought to be so grateful people like what we do we'll almost give things away. When I give things away, I make sure it's to someone who appreciates the work that goes into things. Oh woops, sorry, I'm ranting again!
    Stick with it though, your cards are lovely xxx

  13. What a lovely card! Your work is beautiful and worth every penny! Pricing has always been a problem for me to work out, but then I get so much pleasure from making and it helps to keep me sane!

  14. Lovely card! Glad you had a good day for sales too :-)

    Interested in your comments about people and the price of handmade goods. I think people at craft fairs are often looking for bargains, and what they find is really good quality handmade items very reasonably priced for the time and effort that went in to them!

    Alison x

  15. Lovely card Jill - glad you had a good show yesterday but it never ceases to amaze me how some people think handmade stuff should be the same price as the £ shop!

    Ali x

  16. What an absolute beauty your creation is. And dont be disheartened by the buyers attitude- maybe she never intended buying anything anyway!!


  17. A lovely card, the colours are great and the houses so pretty. I think I prefer the darker mornings and lighter for a bit longer in the evenings.

    Jan x

  18. Jill i dont think people realise the value of things in this throw away world. It is mad that people would put your cards back at 1.50 which I think is a very reasonable price for something handmade! I think people think handmade should mean cheap and it completely ignores the time and thought put into it, as well as the cost of the materials

  19. Beautiful card. Silly 'customer'!

  20. Your card is lovely and a real bargain at that price. I refuse to put the clocks back. I simply adjust mentally to coming and going at a different time to everyone else. Was in a meeting once and the chap sat next to me saw the time on my watch and leapt up saying he was late for his next meeting!! Hugs Mrs A.

  21. Wow ! what wonderful dimension on your Christmas card !

  22. Wow loving it, brawo :)
    I'm following your blog now x


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