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Wednesday 5 October 2011


Hi everyone

I started the week with BIG plans to sort out my work-room - guess what?  All I can say is that I planned to get around to it, and I have!  Look top right of my blog.

Hasn't the weather been wonderful these last few days?  Sad that it seems to have gone back to what we expect of Autumn now, but great while it lasted.  I have read numerous posts on Facebook and Twitter that snow is forecast for the end of this month - I hope  not.  I don't mind snow (well, when looking out of the window at it), but would prefer to have some more summery weather first please.  After such a  disappointing summer, I think we need some more gorgeous autumnal weather to set us up for winter.

Yesterday was World Animal Day.  To celebrate Jazz and Daisy had a packet of Dreamies - they can eat those treats faster than I can finish a bar of chocolate!

I have joined in with the Wow Me Wednesday blog hopping event today - you must check out the amazing makes on the blogs that take part is this great event.  So many gorgeous Halloween goodies.

As well as being industrious (well, sort of) in the clearing-up area, I have also been busy making cards - in fact I made 20 on Monday.  I decided September was my 'getting out of the habit of having a stressful job month' and now back to planet earth and need to get on with making my business successful.  My plan was to make some inexpensive Christmas cards in packs of 5 to sell at my forth-coming events.  I will pack them into a handmade envelope and think they will look pretty nifty and, I hope, prove to be very popular.  Here are some pics of a few that I have completed:

The cards are 5" x 5" 300 gsm and the papers are from a Christmas card-stock pack.  I have cut it into either squares, long strips, triangles or curves.  Added stock greetings toppers, and some jewels too.

It is not long until my first event of the season - 19 October at the Wyke School. Don't forget to come along and give them your support if you are in the area, and of course also buy some of my Christmas cards.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, I hope the temperature doesn't drop too much.  I will be back with my usual Sunday post.



  1. Love the cards Jill specially the pink ones, you know me and pink and not just because it is October.

    Good luck with the tidying can you see the radiator yet?

    Happy Crafting

  2. Hi Jill! I think I like the first one pictured the most - I like the a-symmetrical boarder.

    About the tissue paper and pencils, I think the tissue paper would have to be quite thick to stop it tearing. Regular paper should work though, as should wrapping paper.

    Hope your market goes well, and that you get some more sunshine! :)


  3. Nice cards. Tasteful. I like that kind myself, and handmade envelopes too. You must have a direct line to a paper mill. lol. I don't know how you manage it all, it took me about 7 hours to make 7 cards yesterday. I don't think I will be doing it often.


Thank you for your comment - it is always lovely to have feedback and I hope you enjoyed my post.