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Sunday 23 October 2011


Hi everyone

Sunshine again - doesn't it make you feel so much better, more cheerful and keen to get out into the garden and dig things up, plant them and probably cut the grass again.  Funny how grass and weeds manage to keep growing at this time of year, whereas most flowers give up.

The Popular Crafts magazine was published this week and my blog has been featured.  How exciting is that?  It is such fun to read information about my blog and I feel really proud to be 'in print'.  Thank you PC.

It's Handmade Monday again and don't forget to check out the other Craft Blogs taking part - among the gorgeous makes this week I am sure there will be some lovely Christmas goodies.  My craft creation for this week is a new baby card.   A friend requested one last week but said 'hang on if possible, as the parents don't know whether it is a boy or a girl'.  It's a boy and he arrived last night - his name is Jack, so welcome to the world Jack.

The card is made up of one plain card with blue card fixed to it; this has been trimmed slightly to leave a white border.  On top of this I placed blue check paper and then added a decoupaged baby boy.  At the bottom is a greetings label and underneath this is a row of rocking horses.  Inside I added a longer greeting and edged the page with more rocking horses.

Shortly after writing the above I received a call from a friend who is also a friend of the new parents.  'Have you got a baby boy card in stock?'  Unfortunately, no but as it wasn't needed until today, I was able to make another one, so a very early start this morning saw me creating, sticking, cutting and embellishing.  Here is baby boy card number 2.

Created in a similar way to the first card: layers, decoupage, greetings, plus an insert with parents and baby's name included.

Yet again, this made me realise that I need to keep in stock a variety of cards, rather than the 'limited' lines I have.  Decision time - do I keep on making Christmas cards and begin a range of new baby, with sympathy, etc, etc cards.

Last week seemed very busy and have been having a 'little' rest over the weekend.  I spent Friday with my sister and we went shopping in London, and had a good day together.  For the first time for ages I didn't buy any craft-related things - although I did look.  Amazing for late October, but we had lunch outside - believe it or not we had to wait for a table.  I bought myself some gorgeous blue nail-varnish - not really for my fingernails, but will certainly look good on my toes.  I hate not having my toenails painted - winter and summer, always varnished.

Another busy week - an event next Saturday that I am hoping will go well.  The venue is opposite a very popular supermarket, so fingers crossed.  Need to get card-making in a big way this week and include some off those not always stocked cards.

Have a great week everyone

I will be back with my Wednesday/Thursday post.



  1. Love the cards and the orders are a bit like the London buses, all together but well received.

  2. They're both lovely cards. I always find it difficult to know what to work on if I'm maaking stock as opposed to orders.

  3. The baby boy cards are lovely. Well done on getting some non related craft shopping in! It's always hard. Send us up some sun please :) Mich x

  4. Wow! I think that the magazine mention makes you a professional blogger... how fantastic to see your hard work recognised. Cream cakes all round methinks!

  5. congratulations on getting your blog in a magazine a fantastic achievment xxx

  6. Fantastic cards, but then your items always are :)

  7. What a sweet card, anyone would be thrilled to get it. Congrats on being in the magazine! How cool is that? :)

  8. The cards made me smile, thank you for that. They are sooo cute. Have you done the stork one in pink too?
    I have been trying to get a copy of the magazine which has featured you and can't. Gonna try W.H.Smiths today.

  9. Congratulations on the magazine feature! The card is so sweet...

  10. Oh well done on appearing in print you must be chuffed to bits. The cards are lovely and it sounds like you had the perfect day out, am in total agreement with you about the toenails

  11. Well done getting your blog in popular crafts :) that should get you lots of traffic here! The cards are lovely x

  12. Congratulations on going into print. Both the cards you have made are cute. Hugs Mrs A.

  13. Well done on being featured - that must feel wonderful! I think it's a great idea to be making other types of cards right now. This time of year if I am looking for anything other than Christmas cards, I never seem to have much luck! Anna x

  14. Lovely cards - especially like the smile on the first one! Good luck with all the fairs you've got lined up.
    Jo x


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