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Wednesday 12 October 2011


Hello everyone

Is it an age thing or a seasonal thing that time rushes by so quickly?  I know we are always being told that life moves very fast these days, but as I have now turned 21 (OK, it was a little while ago), I had hoped life might slow down just a little.  Well, it hasn't and I still seem to be running to keep up.

A BIG thank you to everyone from the Handmade Monday 'group' and my blog-followers who left a comment on my blog - glad you liked the card, and yes agree with the comments that we crafters do use anything and everything for our art.  When I buy embellishments they are very often on a very pretty piece of card - guess what, trimmed it makes a good layer.  I often buy large peel-off letters and once I have removed the letter, I cut around the outline that is left, fix this to a piece of coloured card and trim again around the letter - a double-whammy, reduces the cost of the original item and I get a different set of letters.

A fairly busy week so far.  Out shopping on Monday - we had lunch in Gunwharf Quays.  I bought a new handbag - unfortunately shoes and handbags are my downfall.  Had coffee and catch-up with a friend yesterday (Caroline of Caroleecrafts) - put the world to rights as always, bounced some good business ideas around and as we met in a garden centre, bought some crafting materials - silly not to really!  We are both concentrating on the events we are booked into over the next few weeks and hoping we will do well - we both have lots of gorgeous things to sell (such modesty) and looking forward to meeting up with customers and friends, old and new.

A short post today.  From next week I will be combing my Sunday post with my Handmade Monday post - posting time will be late Sunday evening.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone


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