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Thursday 20 October 2011


Hi everyone

No Wednesday post this week as I was at the Wyke School event and spent yesterday getting ready for it: stock to make and pack, stand to plan, oodles of things to get ready.  So this week's mid-week post is combined with the Handmade by Me Thursday Blog-Hop and an update on the event I took part in last night, as well as some pictures of my stand.

The event was very well organised and as it was so near to me, very little travel time involved.  Lots of sellers taking part, selling a variety of things: cakes, jewellery, candles, books, pots and pans.  I sold a few cards and took some orders and it would have been nice to have sold a lot more, but I think it is a sign of the times.  One stallholder told me that last year had been much busier and it seems people are either not spending on Christmas goodies or perhaps waiting until the last minute in the hope of grabbing a bargain.

Here are the pics of my stand - what could I do different do you think to attract more customers apart from stand on the table and sing and dance?

The funny part of the event was that during the day I had made up some of the rocker cards you can can see towards the front of the table - sadly the snowmen had an accident as their heads fell off and landed on the floor!  Oh well, the life of a snowman is very short-lived.

Spent today with a friend at a Spa in Hampshire - we had a great time catching up. I spent some time in the gym - managed to burn off a whole 30 calories!  To be honest, the amount of work I put in, it should have been a 1,000 calories!  Oh well, it was good fun.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and I will be back with my Sunday/Monday post



  1. I think your stall looked lovely. Neat and tidy without being overloaded so you can't see individual things. I would look on a stall like that, it would appeal to me.
    Glad you enjoyed the gym but only 30 cal. You could put a biscuit back in the packet and save that. lol.

  2. Love the rocker cards and shame the snowmen melted, such party poopers, lol. Stand display is always difficult too much and can look overwhelming, too little of no interest. Sorry it did not go better.


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