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Friday 3 February 2012


Caroline Nash of Carolee Crafts

Thank you Caroline for being the first guest blogger in my new Friday blog posting venture; I know everyone will enjoy your chosen topic:


As a business you are constantly evolving to find different ways of selling.  Party Plan (PP) has been around since approximately the mid 1950’s and, in some cases earlier, ebbing and waning depending on the current trend of what is in or out.  Currently going through a revival with the likes of Jamie at Home, Pampered Chef, Virgin Vie to name a few so what better way for a crafter to sell than give PP a go.

 1. Have a core sample of products that you know you can make again easily plus catalogues for the hostess to gain orders prior to the party.
2. Low start-up costs apart from stationery compared with craft fairs where a larger stock is required.
3. You need a hostess pack which would have a hostess guest list allowing the hostess to make a note of those she has invited plus a place for you to note names and total value of orders taken.
4. The hostess is responsible for getting people to the event and providing some
Refreshments; all you have to do is give her a hostess pack including invites approximately 3-weeks before the date with a courtesy call to check she is okay on the night along with the time you are arriving.
5. Arrive with enough time to set up your display, remember first impressions count so the display needs to be eye-catching.  Greet each guest as they arrive and when all are settled give a small speech (not War and Peace), thank the hostess for inviting everyone and opening her home to you, explain what you do and how the ordering process works.  If you are giving a hostess gift do so at this point and also ask for other possible hostesses.
6. To break the ice you can do some parlour-style games with maybe a small prize at the end.  This is up to you and how comfortable you are doing this type of thing.
7. As you get the orders, go through the details with the customer to ensure they are happy and it is suggested that you have a tear-off slip at the bottom of the order form where you can complete the total, plus the delivery date.
8. At the end of the evening total up the orders, noting this on the hostess guest list and work out the commission for the hostess to spend. Remember this should not be cash as this moves into the realm of pay for work carried out but must be in goods.  This is standard for most party plan business, but there can be an exception for a charity, but most charity events are happy to have something to raffle.
9. Pack up and leave having confirmed the date you will be delivering items to the hostess, making it clear she must have the funds ready for you at that stage. You could opt to take payment there and then but again remember if they have some time to save they may spend more.
10. Ring the hostess after the event to thank her again for the opportunity and to ask is she happy with the money side.
11. Ring the hostess prior to delivery to check she has got all of the funds ready.  Make sure you individually pack each order with the name of the buyer clearly shown.  This makes it easier for the hostess to hand out the orders.

 If someone expressed an interest to be a hostess give them a ring about 2 weeks after the event to follow-up, letting them know any promotions you are currently running.  These could be an offer on single purchases over say £50.00, extra commission if they get 2 more party bookings for you on the night.

Your stock needs to evolve as well constantly adding new products and if you can get emails and newsletter agreements you have increased your potential sale market, even if they do not want a party as not everyone does. If you make jewellery wear it at the event, a good form of advertising.


  1. A good post, well done both you and Caroline. I've never done PP but it's something to look at for the future.

    Thank you

    Jan x

    1. It is a very good piece and I am so glad you enjoyed it

  2. Another one agreeing about the quality of this post - really informative. I have been asked to do PP but wasn't sure how to go about it (I've never been to one) so thank-you.
    Jo x

    1. Glad you enjoyed it- Party Plan certainly seems a good possiblity for getting our work known.

  3. Thank you for publishing my post Jill and if it can help anyone all well and good.

    1. Thank you for being my first guest poster Caroline - I hope this is the start of some great guest blog posts.


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