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Wednesday 1 February 2012


Good morning everyone

Chilly here in Christmas Pie Crafts land, but not so frosty.

First a big thank you to everyone who commented on my Handmade Monday post, in particular those who gave me some great advice to get rid of my computer 'visitor'.

I am still looking for guest bloggers for my Friday slot.  Come on now crafters, if you love blogging this is a great chance for more people to get to know you.  Don't forget to check out the first post this Friday.

For today's post, I am joining in the February Linky Party with Bath Bomb Creations.  As it says on Bath Bomb Creation's blog post, dedicated to all things furry, fluffy and feathery.  I am a great animal lover and lucky enough to be married to someone who shares my love of the four-legged 'humans'.  We have had a cat (or two) all of our married lives and I grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters and budgerigars - not always at the same time though.  

Before we adopted Jazz and Daisy, we had Barney and Pebbles (true brothers and they were 6-years old when we met them at the RSPCA in Chobham).  Pebbles was a big tabby and white cat and Barney was a big dark tabby.  Three days after we adopted them, Pebbles managed to get out - we were frantic.  We put his details on all of the animal rescue websites, reported his disappearance to the RSPCA, put up posters all around our village, and did a leaflet drop in lots of roads near to us.  We received lots of phone calls, some with sad news about a 'find'.  

We continued with our searching, and leafleting, etc and about 3 months after Pebbles disappeared, we got a call from a lady living in a road about half a mile from us.  She thought Pebbles had taken up residence in her garden - and he had.  Because he was so new to us, he wouldn't recognise our voices, so calling him wouldn't mean much but we visited him every day and also took a cushion that Barney had been sleeping on so that he could pick up some scent.  Were were so pleased that he had stayed in the neighbourhood.  We used to have a lady not far from here who took in elderly and lost cats - we borrowed a cage from her and planned to used this to catch our Pebbles.  Easier said than done!  However, two weeks after he moved into his new garden, we managed to catch him.  A very skinny, wormy cat and I am sure you can imagine how very pleased we were to have him back home again.  Barney wasn't so sure as he had been Top Cat for a while, but eventually they both settled down together.

Strangely enough, my make isn't a cat, but an owl - a beautiful wise bird and we do occasionally see them local to us.  Not too local though as am sure the temptation of Owl Whiskas for Jazz and Daisy might be too much.

Don't forget to visit the other furry, fluffy and feathery bloggers, come back on Friday for my first Friary post, get in touch if you would like to join in this new venture and I will be back on Monday.  Have a great rest of the week everyone.



  1. Hi Jill
    You were lucky to find Pebbles. I'm still looking for Sam altho living in another county. I found Joey. He only recognised my voice when I used his name and not when chatting to the lady who fed him. he came running to me miaowing. Hardly leaves my side now. he suffered from some serious grumpy moods for about 4 years but is a more relaxed pussy cat now, lol!

    Thanks for joining the linky party on Bath Bomb Creations (think I'm signing in with my Found and Lost site) , adding the lovely owl, and sharing Pebbles news on your post.

    I'd love send something to guest blog but going away soon ... do you have a cut off date to receive entries?


    1. Hi Lesley

      We were so pleased to find him. However, the end of the story was very sad for us and I felt I couldn't write about it earlier this morning. In his travels while 'on the run' Pebbles had had a fall and developed a limp in one hind leg. Sadly one year after his return home we lost him in a road traffic accident. (Where live is very quiet, but he liked to range far and wide in his travels.) We think he may have had problems getting across the road in time to avoid being hit. We never found out what had happened, but thankfully we did find him. We lost him twice really, so very hard. I do very much hope you find Sam.

      It would be lovely if you could be a guest blogger. No cut-off time, I have a post ready for this Friday, so any Friday you feel like going for let me know.

  2. Lovely story about Pebbles and Barney. We are cat free at the moment, we are thinking about it later this year after our hols, only thinking at the moment. Do love your Mr. Owl. He is quite a character.

  3. A lovely story and fur babies bring us such joy and heartache.

    Love the owl card would make a good graduation card.

  4. I'm glad you found ur kitty. I have a "garage cat" who found us. He doesn't want to leave the garage. Very sweet. He has his own rocking chair to sleep in, blankets. My husband keeps the heat on in the garage just for him!

  5. What a lovely happy ending. Your owl card looks great. x


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