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Wednesday 8 February 2012


Hello everyone

A very cold day in Christmas Pie and the temperature is set to drop even further with, apparently, more snow on the way.  We still have snow lying around, but think it is now frozen chunks of ice.  With the exception of a small circle of 'warm' water where the pond heater is, the top of our fish pond is a frozen sheet of thick ice.  Because the weather had been so mild up to last weekend, the fish have been very active - they need to get some zzzzz's before their fun-filled spring-time arrives though.

Thank you to all of the lovely bloggers who commented on my Handmade Monday post - I particularly liked the one from Aliza that our age should be all about how we feel, not what the numbers say - so, 21 it is then.  Also thank you to my new followers for joining my blog - it is lovely to welcome new people and I look forward to sharing my posts with you and visiting your blog's too.

So far a busy-ish week.  Monday was an extended birthday celebration day - went out for lunch with a friend, followed by some light shopping which included craft supplies (of course).  A good day.  Yesterday was a mix of crafting and the major clear-out we are trying to have.  Early spring cleaning?  No, just can't get any more 'stuff' into certain places!  Isn't it amazing what you find when clearing out boxes, bags and cupboards?

One of my 'makes' of yesterday was a découpage bunny, which I placed onto blue mirror card, and then on to a floral sheet - all  ready for adding to a card at a later date.  One of my birthday presents was a photographic light tent together with lights and a camera tripod - something I had promised myself for a long time, so a lovely gift.  I have been practising using it, but my bunny pic was taken the 'old-fashioned' way relying on daylight (not much around at the moment):

I am still 'recruiting' guest bloggers for my Friday spot.  Although I have an article for this Friday, if you have a burning desire to take part please do get in touch.  I also have a blogger with a great post for Friday, 17 February, but need some takers for the Fridays after that.  This is a great opportunity to drive more visitors to your blog and your website.  My posts are sent to Twitter and Facebook, so lots of opportunity for new readers.

That's me for today - enjoy the rest of the week, keep warm and don't forget to come back on Friday



  1. Ah. Your Bunny Rabbit is so cute. It actually looks like the handbag is swinging free, good effect.
    I do wonder how Carp and the like survive in some of our winters, especially when the pools are non too deep but they do seem to thrive don't they.

  2. Hope you get some more guest bloggers as fun to do and makes interesting reading.

    The bunny is so sweet, love mirri card but hard to photograph.

    Hope the fish are okay and we have had more snow today and a biting wind.

    Have a good week crafting and sorting

  3. Great blog!! Happily following via Welcome Wednesday. I hope you will follow me, too! Many blessings to you!

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    Kristin & Jaime

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