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Sunday 26 February 2012


Hello everyone

What a beautiful day it has been, it may have started frosty but the sun has been shining  for most of the day and it has been warm.  Apparently the temperature is likely to be around 18 - 19 degrees during the coming week.  Oh, so very welcome and fingers and toes crossed we have mild weather and continue into a gorgeous spring and an even better summer.

A big welcome and thank you to my new blog and Twitter followers - lovely to 'see' you.  thank you also to Jill & Georgie of POSH for your Friday Guest Blogger post - your jewellery is lovely and I really enjoyed your post.

The Friday Guest Blogger spot is progressing well.  I am hoping to have a fellow Handmade Monday-er on 2 March, the following Friday will be a fellow blogger.  Names will be revealed on the day .  Don't forget that apart from taking time out to write about something you feel strongly about (craft-related of course), this is a good opportunity to promote your business.

It's been a lovely week.  I had lunch with a couple of friends on Monday at pub by a lake - it looked very good in winter-time, I can only imagine how beautiful it looks in the summer when all the plants are in flower.  I worked very, very hard on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on my website and new ranges  - under pressure really as my first event of the year is in two weeks time.    I continued the de-cluttering exercise, but slightly added to the contents of the garage when I collected two spinning display stands I had bought on Ebay.  On Thursday evening I went out for a meal with another group of friends - we first met around 30 years ago when we were all on an accountancy day-release course at a local college.  We completed the three years of the course and all went on to do accountancy-related work; I eventually moved from 'doing' accounts (although I still do my own accounts) to teaching it.  On Friday I spent the day with my sister and we indulged in a little light shopping.

I spent most of today gardening and when walking around to see how much is either still in flower or about to flower was so pleased to see lots of shrubs had survived the recent frosts - some were well protected and are fighting back to life already.  The Prunus is covered in buds, some beginning to open - very early.  Polyanthus, crocus and snow drops are in full bloom, and daffodils are just about ready to burst their buds.  I love Helleborus Niger and have several in the garden; they flower throughout the winter and less frequently at other times during the year.  They are so beautiful and this is a picture of one in flower at the moment in our garden - the colour is so gorgeous (the only downside of these beautiful flowers are that they hang face down):

In addition to spending this week working and socialising, I indulged in some television viewing too.  I like antique programmes, not the every single day ones, but I have been watching the Antiques Road Trip because they do stop off at some beautiful houses.  Each week a different duo of experts  set off on a buying trip and last week they were touring around the South of England.  On Wednesday I was interested to see one of the experts visited Farnham and even more interesting they visited Bourne Mill.  Imagine my surprise when, having located items to purchase, the expert went to the reception desk and in the background my wall was clearly shown - several times.  I can quite honestly say my cards have been on the television - now, I wonder if I could add to my website blurb 'as seen on the Antiques Road Trip'?

My make for Handmade Monday (yep, it's that time again and as always I am looking forward to reading some great blogs) isn't a new card,but one I made last year.  It didn't sell, so I put it back into stock for my first event of this year.  The main section of the embellishment is woven paper, consisting of two sheets that I cut into wavy lengths.  When I had finished that section I framed the 'picture' and added different colour squares to two corners.  I was quite pleased with the effect and used it on other cards since this one.

My usual Wednesday mid-week blog post is changing for this week as I am taking part in a Multi-coloured Blog Swap Carnival.  I am hosting a post that is completely unrelated  to crafting and the host of my spot is also non-crafty.  My guest blogger's post is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy it.

That's me for this week, apart from the blog posting posting.  Have a good week everyone - enjoy the sun and warmth.  I am working hard this week to make up for my 'time out' last week, but having an away day with a friend on Thursday - some gym, swim, chat and lunch time.



  1. It's great to hear the guest posts are doing well! I also love the mild weather and hope it continues to gently ease us into spring - blossom has already opened on one of my trees (this tree is always the first one). Well done on the TV appearance!!! :-)

  2. I'm quite liking the mild weather, although I think a freak snow storm will be fun, nut maybe that's just me :-D

    Now that you've been seen on TV, you have to shout about it.

  3. It is looking decidedly sunny in your picture - hope it will make its way up here. I am meeting up with some girls I was at college with in May - hoping that will be fun. Your last week's guest post was really good. Have a super week Mich x

  4. I like your wavy card. Fame at last eh! I like watching the Antiques Road Trip. It's a shame that those flowers droop the wrong way. Seems spring is here...hope so anyway. Have a good week.

  5. According to my car its about 8-9 degrees up here during the day and thats enough for me, I don't like it too sunny but I hate having to scrape ice and dig through snow! Well done on the guest posts and that card is pretty cool, for a moment I thought my eyes had gone funny with the waves! Have a great week. x

  6. Well done on the guest blogging long may it continue as good to read other's stories.

    Love the flower and cannot believe with this good weather you are actually crafting and not gardening. Have a good week.

  7. It's been great to go out without donning layer after layer of clothing, long may it continue. :)

    I have some Hellebores in my garden, I was thinking of putting them high up so I can see the blooms better.

    Have a great week.

    Jan x

  8. Really enjoyed reading about your lovely week! I've got some white hellebores that are blooming away as I type, but I do like your purple ones. I shall be back later in the week to read your guest posts.
    Jo x

  9. OO i like the woven paper, I haven't tried that, but that seems like something fun to give a whirl! BTW I like Antique Road Show, sometimes watch it. We have a fun American TV show called American Pickers, kind of very downscale, but the come across the craziest things! Often things I would never want to own, but sometimes they find cool things I would love, or just little pieces that you love knowing about. And amazingly, people keep the craziest junk! (but who am I to talk? ;)

  10. I hope you enjoyd your time off, it does us good to have a break sometimes! Enjoying your guest posts too!

  11. Sounds like you have had a lovely week :) I'll try and pop over to have a read of your guest blogger on Friday. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  12. Hmmmmm.....sun?? I think I remember what that looks's been foggy here lately so have forgotten what it's like ;) s x

  13. ooo, as seen on TV eh? I was looking forward to the sun this week, got the wash on early this morning, and by lunchtime it was raining. So now I have a house full of damp washing.

  14. As seen on TV - how brilliant is that?! You must have been ever so excited to see them on telly, I know I would have been! :-)


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