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Sunday 5 February 2012


Hello everyone

It's chilly, it's white and Jazz wants to keep going out into it.  Daisy?  A very sensible lady - 'one doesn't want to get one's paws cold and wet, does one?'  Here is a pic of Jazz who had already been outside several times, making paw prints everywhere so that when he ventured out again he could just tread in them.  However, this one shows him thinking ' well, I have been left, down to the end, now how about I turn right this time'.

One small step for a man and a giant leap for a tabby cat

It's been a very cold week and not surprising that it ended with snow.  However, I am sure you, like me are very thankful it wasn't as much as this time last year.  Roll on spring - please.  Pretty though the snow looks, walking on it frightens the life out of me.  I can drive on (and in) snow without any problems, but when my feet come into contact with snow they turn to slippery, sliding things that seem to deliberately make me fall over.

Last Friday was my first guest blog post day and a great post about Party Plan was delivered by Caroline Nash of Caroleecrafts.  Thank you Caroline.  I know the post had lots of visitors and a big thank you to those who commented - as always your feedback is much appreciated.

A few of the Handmade Monday gang have said they would like to take part in the guest posting adventure, and I am hoping they and others will do so.  Come on you bloggers, your world awaits your guest post.

I celebrated my 21st birthday on Friday too and had a great day.  Okay, okay, I have visited 21 many, many times but it was a great year (I got married then too) and that seems a really good reason to stick with it.  Not a lot of crafting done on that day or over the weekend, but have a card-topper to add to my collection:

A decoupaged train that goes with my growing collection of male card toppers.

Falling behind a little with my new ranges - seem to have got stuck into one, while leaving the others a little behind.  I need to get a move on as I have my first event on 10 March and want to ensure I have all of my new ranges ready (or at least examples from each one) and my website up and running by then.

A mini-post today (mini compared with my normal Sunday/Monday posts).  Off to do some snow-clearing, well to supervise actually.  Have a great week, I will be back on Wednesday, but don't forget to visit the great bloggers taking part in Handmade Monday.

Keep warm



  1. Lovely pic of Jazz. This is the time when their fur coats become useful. lol. I have looked and looked at your card and it really looks like the train is coming out of the tunnel, its a pretty good pic.

  2. I'm also a bit of a slip slider on the snow and at my age (21 and a bit - a big bit)it's not much fun. Happy birthday for Friday xx

  3. Belated Birthday greetings! I cannot imaging being grown up enough to get married at 21... mind you I am not sure I could even do it at 53!

    I love the disdainful walk of your cat in the snow :)

  4. Happy 21st! When it's my birthday I reckon it should be how old we feel, not actually are! I reckon 21 is about right atm! Have a great week.

  5. Great idea about ticking with 21...I loved that year too and may adopt the same idea! Good luck with your first event!! Jo

  6. Love the photo of Jazz in the snow-very brave-my two haven't been downstairs for two days!

  7. very nice card! the train is perfect for a card for a boy or a man :)

    winter is hard for all cats, mine wouldnt leave the warm house at all!

  8. Happy birthday for friday! Hope you had a lovely day!

  9. Happy 21st ;-) Looks like you've seen more snow than I have.

  10. Jazz so typical of a man, no sense and cannot make up their minds, lol.

    Love the train topper and yes you have got to get a wriggle on no procrastinating.

    Come on folks putting yourself into print is not hard and we can all help each other with out knowledge.

  11. Lovely pic of Jazz in the snow. We haven't had snow here - just very very cold. Happy 21st! :)

  12. Happy birthday Jill. i'm afraid my two cats are not as brave as yours either!
    Love the train :)

  13. Happy belated birthday, I have the opposite snow problem, walking is no problem but I hate driving in it. Good luck with your first event soon. x

  14. Belated birthday wishes for Friday, I hope you had a good week end.
    I enjoyed your 'guest post :o)

    I need to get on with some of my bit's too, I need to be ready for my first Fair, I don't want to be thinking it's a long way off then it suddenly jumps up and bites me on the bum. I'm sewing today, I've been out and done the bird food and water now I'm indoors and staying close to the heater.
    Thank you for visiting and your kind words on my blog.

    Jan X

  15. Happy Birthday for Friday! Love the blog!!!

  16. Arn't cats funny in the snow. They don't know quite what to think of it!

  17. Happy Birthday for Friday! Seeing Jazz in the snow reminded me to watch "Simon's cat" again - so funny, well worth a watch on YouTube!

    Good luck for the first event, hope the new ranges do well.

    Kim x

  18. Love the pic of Jazz at the beginning very cute!

    Hope your first event goes really well and sure the new range will be fab :)

  19. Hope the snow clears fast for you although I guess Jazz will be disappointed when it does!

    Love the card topper - so hard to find good cards for men.

    Alison x

  20. Jazz looks very inquisitive!!! Hee hee! I'm with Daisy on this one though, if I had bare paws they would't be going near rain or snow!

    Hope you have a lovely week x

  21. Love the snow since we never see it, altho I'm sure it's unpleasant to live in. Love the train too. I guess it would be good to stay 21, but I chose 29 since my Dad's theory is that Jack Benny was always 39 and he was at least 10 years younger than Jack Benny, so he must be 29 forever. I just kept that tradition. Strange that I am my Dad's age. Happy 21st birthday, you young thing you!

  22. Of course happy b-day for the day!!

    Love your cat photo. How supper cute is Jazz? Cats are great to watch when it snows. So funny!!

  23. Happy Birthday again, Jill (already wished that on the day on CF but doesn't hurt to do it again!)

    I too was very thankful that the snow was brief and less disruptive - although we had to write off one day. Jazz is very brave - mine are hysterical in the snow as they don't understand it at all!

    Excellent card topper - men's cards are so challenging!

    Ali x

  24. Many happy returns of the day for your birthday and here's hoping you and the cats have a great week!

  25. Love the Kitty photo shot! Following via Welcome Wednesday. I am your newest GFC follower. Love Crafts!


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