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Wednesday 9 May 2012


Hello everyone

At the moment the title of my post is half wrong - it isn't raining.  Everything in the garden is so green and healthy-looking, so shouldn't really complain, but the weeds are also green and healthy looking!  Perhaps as they do so well and don't seem to suffer from too many bugs, pests and diseases, I should let them survive?

I had planned to post pics of two of my card orders on today's blog, but I haven't completed them so will leave them for my Sunday/Monday post.  Because of the rain I have spent the last couple of days continuing with the 'grand clear-out'.  I love Freecycle - I had a large quantity of gardening magazines and someone very kindly relieved me of them yesterday.  So much better that someone else enjoys them rather than the recycling bin gobbling them up.  I know they would still go on to do 'good things' if they were recycled, but this way extends their interesting and useful life a little more.  Our shredding machine has been working over time too - most of it makes good compost too.

My car developed a strange crunching noise (well it sounded like crunching) noise over the weekend is currently being 'looked after' by our local mechanic, Nathan.  We live in an area where we have one bus each day (week days only), which used to come down our road, but has since been re-routed - such a shame as we have neighbours that used to rely on the fact that the bus stopped almost outside of their door and as their walking ability is limited, this has caused them to cut down on their trips into Guildford.  Although the railway station is in walking distance, with shopping, big bags, limited mobility, etc it is not an easy journey, so a car is a must.

I feel rather like one of those little weather houses at the moment: the sun shines, I rush out and do some gardening; the rain falls and I rush back in to do some clearing or crafting.  The good news is that the temperature is rising every day, so perhaps summer is really on the way.  Hope so, we need some warmth and sunshine.

Pottery course tomorrow - I am so enjoying doing a course that doesn't require lots of assignments or an exam at the end of it.  I completed the basics last week, cut out the shapes for the candle-light to shine through, so this week I think I might be adding some colour.  Very exciting and great fun.

Don't forget to check out my blog on Friday for my Guest Blogger.  I will be back with my Sunday/Monday post.



  1. What a great idea to freecycle magazines!

    Not much news here, feel like I'm only getting half the jobs done each day.


  2. I agree Lesley, what a great idea with magazines, I have so many of them and to just recycle them seems a waste.

    Hope your car is feeling better soon Jill, couldn't manage without mine I'm afraid.

    D xxx

  3. I'm another one that finds it difficult without a car, hope you get yours sorted soon. I haven't been around much this week so I am trying to do a bit of a catch up. I really enjoyed your 'Fimo' post, it's something I dabble in and it's great to see someone else who uses everyday items rather than expensive shop bought tools.
    Jan x

  4. Some weeds can be quite decorative so like your thinking. Like you dodging the rain showers as Shiloh has developed an aversion to getting wet! some gun dog he has turned out to be. Have a good week and enjoy pottering

  5. sorry to hear about the car - nightmare especially if you live a bit out from things. I got rid of my car a year or so ago and it certainly is a lot more awkward on the bike but a lot less financial grief! Hope its nothing too drastic. Weather-wise we are much the same with the never ending rain thing! Mich x

  6. Hopefully the computer is feeling better now the car is poorly! My garden has turned into a green jungle, and I haven't been home when the rain stops, so am waiting to tackle it! Have a good week-end!
    Jo x

  7. I would be really happy to receive a bundle of magazines so I think this is a great idea. Sorry to hear about the car, hope it's not too expensive! Mine needs two new tyres (ooch).
    I've decided to deny all knowledge of the garden! Anyway I think dandelions are very pretty!! Have a good weekend :)


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