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Sunday 27 May 2012


Hi everyone

Are we ever satisfied?  Too wet, too cold, too windy, too hot?  Fantastic weather and just great for lazing around in, but if you have to work it's not that much fun really, is it?  I am lucky as (lack of wind permitting) I can work outside, which I do very often.  However, at times the 'I have forgotten, this, this or this' becomes slightly annoying and the decision is 'go back inside and work' or 'stay outside and work on the garden'.  Very hard to talk myself into doing the right thing, because between gardening and crafting, what is the right thing?

I hope you read my Chelsea Flower Show post?  How about a caption for the last picture?  It was a fantastic day and I came home with great ideas of what I wanted to change and add into my garden.  I am a big fan of Heucheras and I was pleased to see my favourite supplier (Plantagogo) was there again and had won another, well deserved, gold medal.  I recently cleared a bed in the garden specifically for a 'Heuchera patch' and I placed an order when I got home for some gorgeous red-leaved and bronze-leaved plants.  I think I took about 50 photographs (crazy camera-wielding lady!) at Chelsea, but I promise I didn't add them all to my post, but here a few I missed out.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of this beautiful rose but I do remember that the perfume was so lovely

Isn't this amazing?  Two driftwood stags locked in combat.  

Digitalis Illumination Pink was named Flower of the Year

This looked so lovely and cool on a very hot afternoon - a beautiful display and not a slug nibble to be seen

All over for another year and I can imagine that the exhibitors have had about five-minutes peace and quiet before they begin planning for next year's show.  

I hope you read my guest blog post on Friday from Lesley Beeton?  Lesley recently went back to South Africa for a holiday and her post gives a very interesting insight into the country, but of particular enjoyment are her photographs.  The Aloe is very impressive - particularly as in this country most of ours are just a little bit smaller than the one Lesley has photographed.  It's a great read and I really recommend you click on the above link.  Thank you Lesley - I hope you will be guest blogging again in the future.

Talking of guest blogging, if you are interested, do get in touch.  I am looking for guest bloggers for mid-June  onwards and as you know the topic does not have to be craft-related (although they are very welcome to us crafters).  How about writing about your garden, your holiday, a hobby, something that you enjoy and enjoy talking about and sharing with others?  Please get in touch on  I am looking for appx 600 - 800 words, plus lots of pictures and don't forget to add your links (Twitter, website, Facebook, etc) at the end of your text.

This week has been more social than work (boy, have I got to work very hard next week to catch up!).  I met up with Caroline (Caroleecrafts) on Monday morning for coffee and catch-up and we arranged to go (everything else permitting) to the Craft & Design Show at Secretts on Friday as Jane of Just Soaps of the Earth was taking part and she had very kindly sent me complimentary entrance tickets - thank you Jane.  I then went to lunch with a couple of other friends - discovered when I got to Clandon that the road I needed to go down was closed and the detour took me half-way around Surrey!  Well, it felt like it and as I have no sense of direction (Sat Navs were invented just for me), I had to follow the detour signs. I made it for lunch - just about.  Chelsea with my friend, June, was my mid-week socialising and time since then has disappeared without me achieving a lot.  Richard and I went to the Secretts event this morning; it wasn't very busy, but perhaps as it was near to 12 noon, most people were having lunch and leaving their visit until this afternoon.  Lots of different stalls: jewellery, cards, scarves, wood-turners and of course the best pongs were coming from the Just Soaps' stall.  Jane was elsewhere this weekend, but am guessing her husband was the one on duty down South.

Handmade this week has consisted of 'making' the garden and working through ideas for potential items to make for my business/website/events.  I am good at planning, noting ideas and identifying/researching what needs to be done, but getting my thoughts and plans into actions is not my strongest point.  This week's Handmade Monday was something I mentioned last week.  I began work on a willow wreath to which I am attaching fuchsia-pink hearts (I have sanded and glittered these and have used different sizes).  I also have some fuchsia-pink ribbon which I will make into a bow and at to the top of the wreath.  Once finished, I will post the final pic on my blog - I am hoping that I can expand using willow wreaths, but at the moment fixing the embellishments to the willow is proving tricky.  The hearts for this one have stuck, but not too sure if I feel confident that they will stay in place.  Any ideas for a glue to be used?

I will be back on Wednesday with my mid-week spot and don't forget I am looking for guest bloggers for 15 June onwards please, so do get in touch if you would like to join in.

Enjoy your week everyone - the weather forecast is for rain and lower temperatures.  Hate to say this, but my garden really does need the rain as I have lots of dry spots.



  1. What a beautiful rose and love that water garden, think Lee may be busy this year, lol. So hot.....and like you hard to decide what to do. Have a good week

  2. Phew, it's so hot! (also praying for a little rain :)

    That willow wreath is so pretty.

    Thanks again for the guest post mention.

    Lesley x.

  3. Your photos look fab of the Chelsea flower show, looks like a great day out. It all sounds very busy in your world and the willow wreath is looking great.Have a good week

  4. I like the wreath. It looks as if there really are some amazing displays at Chelsea - what a shame you cannot remember the name of the rose - it looks beautiful! Have a good week :)

  5. The willow wreath is looking good. Wow to those driftwood stags - amazing.

  6. Wouldn't life be just perfect if it rained every night and was beautifully sunny during the day? Although I'm sure we'd be moaning about the abundance of weeds and grass cutting. I've driftwood horses before but never the stags...they are truly stunning!!
    Have a good week
    S x

  7. Chelsea looks stunning - I will go one year.
    I use Pinflair glue for just about everything and it is excellent. Hasn't let me down yet.

  8. Hi - I've just finished watching all the episodes from Chelsea, drooling over things like that beautiful foxglove that won best plant award - such a wonderful, subtle colour. Your rose pic is gorgeous, too! Wouldn't mind that at chateau flutterby. Hope this week goes well and you can catch up. x

  9. I have foxgloves in my garden, I love them, it looks like you had a great time. Love the stags, very impressive.
    I use a glue gun for things like the willow wreath, it always works for me.

    Jan x

  10. your wreath is lovely - the colour of the hearts is wonderful and looks great with the willow :)

    those driftwood sculptures are amazing! thanks for sharing!

  11. Those stags are amazing, would love them in my garden!
    The wreath is going to look pretty when you've finished it.

  12. Those driftwood stags are absolutely incredible- thanks for sharing. Your wreath is looking good too.

  13. Wow you have had a very social week! Lucky person and such lovely weather to enjoy too. You could try a glue gun they are usually pretty good.

  14. That rose is fabulous! When I worked at a dried flower farm I decorated willow wreaths, like the one you are using, a lot and the glue gun was perfect. Absolute rock solid set. I bought my own glue gun after I left and it's proved invaluable. Hope that helps x

  15. Hopped over to say hello. We enjoyed looking at your blog and signed on a as followers. Hope you can stop by Critter Alley for a visit!

    Critter Alley

  16. I am sooo jealous you have been to Chelsea, it's one of the things on my bucket list. Glad you had such a lovely time. Don't know whether this helps with the wreath but is there any chance you could attach florist wire to the hearts and then wire them on to the wreath. Never used a hot glue gun so don't know if that would work either. Looks pretty so far. Good luck. Ali x

  17. The stags are truly amazing! What a wonderful show!

  18. It is always a tussle between crafting or gardening, gardening or crafting One has to give way to th other. Busy in my front garden at the moment re organising the borders. Making them bigger and the grass area smaller. The stags look splendid don,t they! Your wreath looks great and like Ali above can you attach the hearts by wire. Maybe make a hole In the heart to thread the wire through. Hugs mrs a.

  19. It was so nice of you to visit my church cat blog!

    Say hello to Jazz and Daisy for us :) xx

    Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker, Mitty & Anastasia

  20. Lovely photos - what a beautiful foxglove - they're becoming my firm favourites this summer. Enjoy the summer sun!

  21. Thanks for visiting me. Peeps used to have a beautiful garden before they moved to the condo.


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