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Wednesday 30 May 2012


Hi everyone

As you know, I am a cat-lover, well an animal-lover really, but our lives and home are shared with two amazing cats: Jazz and Daisy.  They have occasionally been photographed and mentioned in my blogs and both have contributed many times by walking over my keyboard - sadly their spelling is the pits, so I have to proof-read their work very carefully.

I follow a cat on Facebook called Hugo Boss - yes, it's true, that's his name.  He is a gorgeous black and white boy who recently disappeared.  Thankfully his owners tracked him down after he had been missing for about 6 days - as you can imagine they were frantic with worry.  Having had a cat of ours go walkabout a few years ago, I can understand how they felt.  As we all know cats are hunters, very inquisitive, love to play and think there are no boundaries to their world; because of their tendency to 'walk right in' they often get 'shut right in'.

My mid-week post is really a reminder to check your sheds, garages and summerhouses before you close them up for the night.  We all tend to leave these sorts of buildings open during the day at this time of the year, and cats wander in, find somewhere cozy, drop off to sleep and sometimes get shut in.  Most cats will run off as soon as they hear an unfamiliar voice, but there are those cats (Jazz wants to be friends with everyone!) who like to stop and chat for a while, so it is important to bear this in mind when closing the door.

That's my mid-week post, but thought it worth adding that as well as following Hugo Boss on Facebook I also follow Larry the Downing Street cat on Twitter (@Number10cat).  Believe me, they are both very good on the computer so do check them out.

Enjoy the rest of this week everyone - I will be back on Sunday with my weekend post.



  1. Very true. In recent weeks three neighbours have come by, asking us to check the shed and garage for their missing cats x.

    Are we getting rain today?

    Lesley x.

    1. Forecast keeps changing - I think we were scheduled to have rain early afternoon today, but now everything has changed and although pretty black here, no rain forecast until Sunday.

  2. Over the years we have had numerous cats, most of which lived to a ripe old age. One was particularly nosey and always getting shut into places. He went missing for nearly a week once and a very thin, undernourished moggy arrived home. No idea where he had been but we did learn to look before locking up greenhouse and shed.

  3. Just stopping by to say hi! Great post and I learned that I should be checking our detached garage when we leave it open for the day! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad to hear Hugo Boss turned up ok.

    Had several cats over the years and it's awful when they disappear, 2 of which never returned sadly.

    When my Russian Blue disappeared we were frantic, as I had only rescued him 3 months previously. I looked everywhere but failed to check my own shed, poor thing was in there for 3 days, only found him because one of the dogs was fussing around the door, luckily it hadn't been to hot, but he was still very dehydrated.

    I went straight out and got a cat flap to put on the door, and the shed became his favorite place to hang out, even had his own bed in there.

    He even had visitors sometimes, so if anyone is concerned about shutting cats in sheds, a cat flap is easy to fit and will set your mind at rest.

    I wonder if his love of sheds had anything to do with being a rescue cat?

    Hope you have a good Jubilee weekend.

    D xxx

  5. Very good advice! A friend of mine remained locked up in a shed for the better part of a week once. Scary stuff!


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