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Wednesday 2 May 2012


Hi everyone

Do you ever think to yourself 'what day is it?'.  Some days just seem to whiz by so quickly that accounting for what I have done is almost impossible.  Monday and Tuesday were days just like that!  I completed 2 of my card orders - delivered them as very local.  I spent yesterday afternoon with a friend and although I know I should have been working, it was nice to take some time out and, earth-shattering news, it wasn't raining.  However, it's the time around these two activities that seem to have disappeared.  Oh well, as Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day.

On my Handmade Monday post this week I mentioned about events and the decision on the right clientele for handmade, big as opposed to small events and the potential footfall for each type of event.  Thank you everyone who commented and the posts were very interesting.  An observation is that small events that are very local for the seller attract regular customers, who in turn may bring new customers with them, and for some can be very successful.  However, lots of us have experienced the disappointment of low sales at small events.  Big events are, mostly, successful because the footfall is often very high - sometimes in the 1,000's.  Although the weather can affect the number of visitors, very often the event is combined with other activities which people will attend no matter what the weather.  A good example is a county show which will have a wide range of attractions that often includes a craft section.  At the moment I don't have any events planned until later this year, although my gift bags are going solo as they will be 'attending' an event later this month, but I will spend some time doing market research on myself regarding the pros and cons of big events for my business.

Pottery tomorrow and I need to take some craft tools in with me.  The overall pattern on my candle-holder has been created using embossed wallpaper (a large chrysanthemum flower).  A great idea and I am pleased with how it looks - I want to cut out some of the petals to let the candle-light shine through and the course tutor advised that cutting the shapes to a fine point would probably cause cracking when the pot is fired and she suggested using a craft knife.  I have one with plenty of blades, so easy-peasy.

Off to do some work - don't forget to come back on Friday for my Guest Blog Post.



  1. Oh I keep losing days and even weeks, think this not going out into the big wide world to work is the problem. Each day is an adventure to waste or not as you want.

    Hope we are going to get pics of the candle holder when finished, enjoy your class.

  2. Just catching up, did you have a good turn-out in Weybridge, or did the weather put people off?

    Lesley x.


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