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Sunday 6 May 2012


Hi everyone

Such a cold and grey day - just how I feel about my computer.  I have come to the conclusion that my relationship with my computer is rather similar to the Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor relationship.  I can't live with my computer and I can't live without it!

Thursday morning, bright and early, I got up and turned on my computer (it doesn't always get turned off every day) and discovered I had lost Google Chrome, Outlook and Microsoft Office!  In addition to this, I could not access any documents, downloads or pictures.  I tried numerous things: re-booting, putting an axe through it, etc, etc  and decided to set up System Restore.  Guess what?  I couldn't access the Control Panel.  Several hours, rude comments and numerous re-boots later, the situation is unchanged.  Friends and family have given me lots of  'this will work' ideas - sadly, none of them have.  Clearly a BIG gremlin has got in the computer's brain!  Just have to keep on trying to sort it out.

I hope you read Cory's Friday Guest Post on Getting Started with Polymer Clay.  It was really interesting and had lots of visits, so a very popular post.  Thank you Cory - looking forward to your next post.  I am really pleased with how the Friday Guest Blogger spot is going and hope you have enjoyed reading about dogs, holidays, handmade businesses, marketing and lots of other great topics.  Don't forget that if you would like to join the Friday Bloggers, please contact me on

Most of this past week has been spent stomping up and down because of the computer or trying to fix it.  However, I made some of my card orders this week and although I photographed them, loading, cropping, etc has been painful, so I had to abandon that.  Instead of cards I am showing a Jubilee Fabric Wreath I made about 2 weeks ago.  I had intended taking it to the Weybridge event I attended last week, but wasn't happy with the back of the wreath, so spent some time on that this week (in between cursing the computer) and between laptop and my PC managed to get a fairly decent pic loaded.  Way back for Christmas 2011 I made a red and white fabric wreath (inspired by a tutorial from Ros of Ros Made Me - thank you Ros) and since then have made them in a variety of sizes and fabrics, as well as other fabric decorated items (these will all be displayed on my website in the not too distant future).  Needless to say, a great excuse to visit fabric shops.

Everywhere seems to have gone Jubilee made, so I thought it was about time I did too.  I am currently making bags for a Flower Show in Shalford on 19 May that my bags are attending (all on their lonesome) and think it might be a good idea to include some Jubilee ones too.

Thank you to everyone for your comments on last week's Sunday/Monday post where I debated/queried (briefly) the pros and cons of small events as opposed to big events.  Lots of people are happy with the smaller events they take part in, and this is great news.  The general feeling about larger events is because you get a very high footfall, you should do well.  I have always know in my heart of hearts that the bigger the event, the higher the footfall and subsequently (most of the time) sales should be good - I have therefore taken the plunge and committed myself to a 3-day event in November and I feel excited, frightened, a little sick and of course, will I have enough stock!  I will post some more details next Sunday/Monday and plan within the next week to ten days to have my website up and running with full event details.  Phew!  Need to go and sit down with a glass of something - not too early is it?

Rain!  How could I not have spent all of this post moaning about it?  I have had enough, my garden has had enough, my fish in their pond have had enough!  I know we need it, I really do, but it would be nice to have more than one day of dry weather please, so come on turn the tap off now.

It's that time of the week when you get to put your feet up and read some funny, interesting, inspiring and sometimes sad blog posts on Wendy's Handmade Monday  Blog.  While you are there, do check out the Handmade Harbour Blog as well - great reviews of fellow crafters and their work, plus thought (and comment) provoking posts.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend and finger crossed for some sunshine.  I will be back on Wednesday - hopefully with a working, fully functioning computer and I also hope by the to have caught up with Twitter and Facebook messages, posts, etc, Blogs and emails.



  1. Rain, rain and more rain! when will it end? funny about computers as I had an issue but only a little one not as momentous as yours.

    Good luck with the larger event think this make us very grown up in the crafting world, lol.

    Love the wreath have a great week

  2. I sympathise! It seems to have been a bit of a computer issue week! Maybe the rain had begun to affect them too. I love the wreath. I wish you well with the big show - I couldn't even manage a small one so all credit to you!

  3. I'm sure computers were designed to test us at times, I seem to have lost the capability of attaching any files to my e-mails which is an utter nightmare........stay calm and stay away from the hammer is what i try to do!!
    I love the wreath, is it made like latch hook rugs?? Never need an excuse to visit a fabric shop!!! Hope you have a good week x

  4. Ooh noo...what a nightmare, some times I hate computers, I hope you get it sorted out.

  5. Grrr to computer problems! They can drive you mad at times. Love the wreath - very patriotic and current.

  6. Not the best week then? Hope it gets better from now on! What a pretty wreath it looks very touchy/feely!

  7. Loving the wreath.I really enjoy seeing what everyone's doing Jubilee style!

  8. Intrigued - flower show, bags, on their own??

    Hope the computer stuff is sorted xx.

  9. The wreath is great, I know what you mean about computers, it's a constant battle with min, I save stuff then it disappears totally. really gets on my wick sometimes.

    D xxx

  10. sorry to hear about the computer probs - it is a nightmare when it all goes haywire for no apparent reason! Like the wreath in the jubilee colours. Have a good week Mich x

  11. Sorry about your computer. Ours has a virus at the mo, so I'm having to use the laptop - and the xxxx keys are too small (or my fingers are too large!!) Love the wreath, BTW x

  12. Anything goes wrong with the computer, hubs has to sort out....double quick!
    Need some nice warm days now enough with the rain/cold/wind!

  13. Bummer about your computer. Hope you get it fixed!

  14. My laptop is crawling at the moment, you name it I have run it, although today to be difficult it is running fine. Isn't it amazing how much we rely on our machines?

    Great idea for your Jubilee Wreath (kicks self for not thinking of it first)... thanks for the plug :)

  15. Interested to read about your plunge into a large show as I'm teetering on the brink of booking one too - November is reassuringly far away so lots of time to build up stock, or so I keep telling myself!

  16. how exciting about the three day show! i'm sure it will be fantastic for sales and a good place to make new friends to it expect :)

    Poor you with your computer battles :( i think i would have taken it in to the shop for repair by now! - i wouldn't know where to start trying to fix something like that!

    i hope all is well again soon x

  17. Love the wreath, it looks so touchable and boofy (is boofy a word?)
    I'm hoping all this rain means we are in for a gorgeous Summer, well I can hope!
    Computers! Rarr! When mine goes wrong I tend to poke and sulk at it, doesnt really help much.


  18. Sympathise with your computer problems. I had to get an IT guy into fix mine in the end. He took the hard drive out and ran it through a clean up system on another compuer and then re installed it. Love your red,white and blue wreath idea. Hugs Mrs A.

  19. I hope you get the puter up and running again soon. How frustrating!
    Good luck with the event in November!


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