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Wednesday 15 August 2012


Hi everyone

I am sure you remember my posts about Shadow?  He is doing very well, has settled in and become a very home-loving cat - unusual for a boy cat as they like to wander and hunt and stay out late and cause their people to worry!

My neighbour, who adopted Shadow, volunteered at the time of Shadow's trauma to help out with fostering and out of the blue last week, she received a call asking if she could take in a badly treated female cat who also had had one leg amputated.  'The cat' arrived on Thursday and we helped put the large cage together that she would be housed in for her stay with my neighbour.  Once I saw the cat I knew that she would not be fostered, she would be cat number three in my neighbour's household.  She was black and my neighbour loves black cats.  This particular one is tiny, long-haired and has beautiful large green eyes.  Despite her traumatic experiences, she is friendly and loves to be cuddled and stroked - animals are so forgiving, aren't they?

Four days after her arrival, Trio (as she has been named) has settled in.  She still spends time in her cage - as you know the weather has been very warm and it is too risky leaving her running (and she can) around with doors and windows open.   However, there are times when she is out and about in the conservatory and other rooms and she is surprisingly nippy.  After her exercise she jumps up onto a chair and drops off to sleep - after a wash and brush-up that is.

The surprising thing is how agile she is.  She has lost her back left leg and this does not slow her down or cause her to walk awkwardly at all.  Shadow lost his left front leg and walking for him is clearly not easy or comfortable, in that he doesn't have any easy gait.  It hadn't occurred to me how different movement would be dependent on which leg was amputated.

The reason why my post is entitled A tail of a tail?  Trio's fur was apparently very matted and she had to have a considerable amount of fur removed, in addition to what was required for her op.  With the exception of a small amount of fluff at the tip of her tail, her tail was also shaved and it looks like a piece of string!

I will keep you updated on Trio's trials and also let you know how Shadow is doing.

Enjoy the rest of the week and don't forget to come back and meet my Friday Guest Blogger



  1. awww! congrats on your new family member!

  2. So good to have a happy ending. Our neighbour's cat had a broken pelvis and although he has been pinned back together, he is very weak in his hind quarters and walks a bit squiffy. Very funny to watch, but at least he's alive and enjoying life x.

    1. Very true and animals are so good at just getting on with things no matter what the problem is.

  3. Your neighbour is a star for taking on 2 disabled cats. Hugs mrs a.

    1. She is very good and I am sure there will be more cats moving in in the future

  4. Your neighbour is providing a very caring service. I expect it often pulls at the heart strings.

  5. It really is amazing how animals can manage on three legs isn't it.

    We had a massive debate when Meegan had to lose a hind leg to Bone Cancer, as there was some doubt as to weather she would manage being a heavy breed of dog.

    Luckily she did manage and it was the right decision to make, in fact she was actually so much faster at turning after her operation lol.

    Sadly it would have been a different story if it had been a front leg, as being a Rottie they carry up to 70% of body weight in the front legs.

    Good on you and you neighbour for giving them a second chance at life.

    D xxx


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