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Wednesday 22 August 2012


Hi everyone

Clearly my week of changing blogging style has thrown me as I nearly forgot my mid-week post.  Possibly also due to having a change of routine with Richard being on holiday - and the sun is still shining!  I think I had better stop blaming him for the bad weather.

I have received a few emails this week from companies saying 'now that summer is over.....'.  Please, don't say that - August hasn't finished, September is sometimes lovely and even October is occasionally sunny and warm during the day.  Summer has been so grim, so let's try very hard to enjoy summer and stop pushing ourselves towards autumn (yes, a gorgeous time of year for colour in the garden) and winter.

The Jazz and Shadow 'battle' continues.  They had a run in yesterday and this morning.  I really do think Shadow wants to be friends, but his approach just frightens Jazz.  Jazz did disgrace himself on Monday - he caught a pigeon.  Richard managed to rescue it and although it didn't look 100%, we think it might have survived.  Horrible though it may seem to everyone, unfortunately cat's are hunters, and even a bell around their neck doesn't stop them.

A couple of weeks ago Rumpy Dog commented on one of my blog posts and added a note asking if I could remove the captcha part from my comment section.  I wasn't aware I had left this on until Caroline (Caroleecrafts) pointed it out to me on Tuesday - many thanks Caroline, I have now (I hope) removed it.  It seems this may prevent many visitors from commenting as it can be infuriating trying to read the letters, and now figures, in the captcha box.  Apologies everyone, hopefully it will now be easier to leave a comment - comments will still be moderated, but should be easier to leave.

Having said 'no to leaving summer behind', I am off to plant some autumn/winter bulbs in our front garden.  I always tend to leave it too late, but this year I have decided to get a move on and do it now.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, do please get in touch:  Your post can be about your business, a hobby, pets, travel or something you are planning to do.  It should be approximately 600 - 800 words, have lots of pictures and links to your website, blog, etc.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and don't forget to come back for my Friday Guest Blogger's post - as always I know you will enjoy it.  I will be back on Sunday with my main post.



  1. Great, no captcha!
    Glad you are enjoying your time in the garden with R - long may it last x.

  2. That's good news Lesley - glad it worked. am planning on summer lasting until at least November :)

  3. Yay no captcha, I hate those things can't read it ony phone its so small so puts me off commenting on a lot of blogs.

    why do companies always rush the seasons by, winter is far too long and summer is far too short Grrr x

  4. Hope the cats sort out their little tiff. Mine do it from time to time too but caught them curled up together in the cot yesterday afternoon so obviously its all for show!
    I got rid of captcha too for the same reason. It doesn't personally put me off (if you're going to leave a comment I think you will do regardless of whatever moderation there is) but it makes it difficult from mobile devices and I can't always get onto the pc... so I mean to come back and post a comment and get sidetracked! (for which I will firmly blame the kids lol)
    Glad to hear the weather is still good there for you. It's horrible here, but then I will live in manchester lol
    Have a good week


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