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Wednesday 29 August 2012


Hi everyone

Dark, grim and grey here - the weather that is not the colours on my website.  Although I wonder if grey will go well with lilac and lime green......

Thank you everyone who commented on my Sunday post with colour suggestions.  The light lilac is nice, but looks a little washed-out.  One suggestion (thank you Lesley) was a dark purple and oddly enough just before I read the comment, I had changed the side bars to that colour.  It looks good - not sure if it is too powerful, but am still playing around with colours at the moment.  My website is with Vistaprint and my biggest problem at the moment is they are not that quick a dealing with problems.  I raised the left-aligned text issue with them and received a standard 'do this and this' email.  Advised that following their Q & A guidance I had already done that without any success and the responses was?  The same 'do this and this' email.  I sent a brand new email with all the problems (left aligned text when I have centred it, text revert in parts of a paragraph to Times New Roman, and the colour issue - when I change the width the colour reverts to something else which I cannot change).   That was 2.5 days ago and I am still waiting.  Rather disappointing.

I have been kitten feeding this week as the normal fosterer is on holiday.  Started off with two 4.5 black girl kittens and one 18-month old ginger girl.  Now have just the two black kittens - no I haven't lost the other one, she has been homed.  They are gorgeous and love to play with anything and everything they have in their pen.  Climbing up the walls and swinging from various things is great fun for them.  I hope they get homed soon as they really need some company, stimulation and attention.

We had an away day yesterday at Gunwharf Quays.  The weather was really gorgeous and we had a lovely day of shopping, lunch and a boat trip.  Lots of sales on at the moment - which is good as prices there already heavily discounted.  Got some good craft materials too.

Back to the website and fingers crossed I can soon sort out the problems.  I hope you enjoy the rest of this week.  don;t forget to drop in on Friday for this week's guest blogger post.  I will be back with my main post on Sunday.



  1. Very disappointing response from Vistaprint re. your website queries. Hope when it goes 'live' you will get the support you need.

    Good news though that one kitten has been re-homed.

    Still gloomy on the weather front ....

  2. I didnt know vistaprint did websites, hope they sort your problems soon for you.

    very gloomy here too both my kitties taking advantage of the blankets today :)

  3. Hope you manage to get the problems sorted before you go live xxx


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