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Tuesday 7 August 2012


Hi everyone

This is very confusing - I haven't got to grips with blogging on a Tuesday and consequently I am writing this much later than planned.  I promise that by next Tuesday, I will have sorted my head out.

Needless to say the Olympics are top of everyone's agenda.  The enthusiasm and friendliness of the participants and spectators is amazing and I hope it continues long after the games have finished.  Apart from the spectacular results, the great thing is that the event has far exceeded everyone's expectations in that so far it has gone without a hitch (OK, some technical blips and the odd doping issue, but all dealt with very well).  I am sure a large part of the UK population held their breath when it was announced we had won the games for 2012 - the majority wondering how on earth we could afford it, how could we cope with the massive increase in visitors to London and where on earth would the events take place!  But it is here and we are coping and having a tremendous time whether at the events or watching it on the television.

As mentioned in my Handmade Monday (HM) blog, I am devoting my Sunday blog to my craft work to fit in with the aims of the event.  That doesn't mean to say that I won't mention any crafty type things in the other blog posts I produce.  However, no new work to mention so far as still working hard on finalising my wedding order.  I had some lovely comments left on my HM post about my chatty style of blogging - thank you all very much, they almost made me feel I should have left my weekend post as is.  However, decision, made and I am sure it is the right one.

This morning I did an early morning kitten collection run in my role of Cats Protection Cat Catcher (always sounds a bit cruel).  I had to collect a kitten from a lady in Egham and take back to Woking for a vet's appointment; then I had to do the journey again to return him to Egham.  I feel shattered already and the day isn't over yet!  He has been poorly and although he is putting on weight and looks good, he is back on the anti-biotics.  I will probably have to do a repeat of today's trip in a week's time for his next appointment.  One of the good things about the volunteering is that I am getting to see parts of Surrey that I wasn't previously familiar with.  Thank goodness for Tom-Tom as I have no sense of direction.  I walk out of a shop and have trouble remembering whether I should turn left or right.

I am out this evening to have a meal with a friend.  She is having a fun-type wine-tasting get-together.  Thank goodness it is in walking distance!  Luckily there will be quite a few people there, so if I nod off to sleep in the corner nobody will notice - oh, I hope I don't snore!

That's my blog for today - a little less than I normally write, and I must get my post-Sunday blogging head working.  No blog tomorrow - think I will remove Wednesdays from  my blogging calendar as I will now be blogging on Tuesdays.  However, I am hopeful that I will have a Friday Guest Blogger (FGB) this week, so do please come back then.  Don't forget, if you would like to join the growing group of FGBers, please do get in touch:

I hope you enjoy the rest of the Olympics - I will  be back on Sunday with my HM post.



  1. Hi Jill, I popped by earlier and wondered if you had forgotten to blog :-) Seems you have been a bit busy.

    Working with animals is rewarding but can be heartbreaking - hope you have many happy endings with your work x.

  2. As I have said before I really enjoy reading your posts, so you blog how you want to! Have a good week.
    Jo x

  3. Sorry a bit late in reading and commenting, I also enjoyed your Sunday chatty blog and agree you should be able to blog how you want, your blog do it your way. No right or wrong way just what you want to do, a bit like 'It's my party' etc.

    Like you I am so pleased the Olympics has gone better than we thought, cannot wait to see what the closing ceremony is like. What are we going to do next week something big will be missing.


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