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Sunday 7 October 2012


Hello everyone

I am so glad I didn't have to make a decision about the best cards that were entered in the World Card-Making 2012 competition, because it would have been very hard as they were all fabulous.  Thank you to everyone who took part, every card was really beautiful.

A BIG thank you also to everyone who voted.  I know it was very hard to decide which three you felt were the best and I know the card-makers will be so pleased with the feedback received by way of your votes.

The results for the three prizes are as follows:

Card No 1 - this card was made by Claire Lomas

Card No 9 - this card was made by Helena Skutter

Card No 11 was made by Karen Clark and Card No 13 was made by Helena Skutter and they both received the same number of votes.

As you know, there are three prizes for this competition and as Helena has been featured twice in the highest numbers of votes placed, I am sure she will not mind if the third prize is awarded to Karen.  Congratulations winners, very well deserved and well done everyone else - you cards are great.

I will contact each winner tomorrow morning to obtain their address details which will be passed to Katherine Jewitt, the Editor of Make and Craft and she will arrange for you prizes to be posted to you.

This competition has been great fun and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.  How about another one?  Not just yet, but around about the beginning of December I think would be good.  I will arrange some sponsorship again but I am gong to ask if you could like to suggest a theme.  I know is is Christmas time, but perhaps by December the card-making community will be carded-out I'm sure, so perhaps something different?

Now back to normal and first of all a big thank you to Karen (yes, Karen Clark as above) for her great guest post last week - confessions of a Craftaholic struck a cord with me, and I am sure everyone who is involved in handmade.  I hope you have read it, but if not I recommend it - it's a great read with lovely photographs of Karen's beautiful work.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, please do get in touch (  October is fully booked as is one date in November, but if you would like to promote your Christmas makes, this is a great opportunity for you to do so.

I attended my first Wedding Fayre today which was held at the Frensham Pond Hotel and it was very good.  Very well advertised and consequently very well attended too.  I had requests for two quotations and lots of questions put, leaflets collected and requests for details of other events I am attending.  A great day for everyone - and we had free sandwiches and tea and coffee.  How good is that?  I spent last week working on some wedding stationery ranges - it takes a long, long time and here are photographs of some of what I made, plus my table at today's event:

My black and gold range.  Apparently black is very popular for weddings at the moment and this was further confirmed by a black wedding back being available at today's fayre.

A photograph of my table - almost set up, just needing some literature to be added.  Note the bowl of chocolates on the left hand side - very tempting and of course very popular.

It's time for you to head over to read the other posts for Handmade Monday where I am sure you will read lots of references to that day in December when we all eat too much, drink too much and then go on to make resolutions that we won't keep.  A great time really, so I hope you enjoy the posts.

That is my post for today.  After today and working almost non-stop on Friday and Saturday, I am off to put my feet up and watch lovely Inspector Montalbano - if I can keep my eyes open that is.  I hope you all have a great week, don;t forget to get in touch if you have an idea for a competition theme.  I will be back on Wednesday and my guest blogger will be here on Friday.



  1. Glad to hear your wedding fair went well today :) sounds like you deserve to put your feet up!

  2. The wedding fayre sounds great and the black and gold looks stylish. Hope many more enquiries come in for you too.

  3. I bet you get some orders on the back of the fair. Great wedding cards etc. the choccys are a nice touch

  4. You stall looks great - chocolates are a great touch. I like the Gold and black as they look very sophisticated. Enjoy your well earned rest.

  5. Really glad your fair went well...I LOVE the Frensham Pond Hotel...have been to a couple of weddings there and was treated to an overnight anniversary stay once too!! Beautiful surroundings.
    Have a great week.
    S x

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Btw I'm Helena Sullivan not Skutter- SKutter's in my email, named after the Skutters on Red Dwarf LOL)

    THANK YOU every one who voted for 9 and 13!!!

    The last time I one anything for art I was 15 (now 40 erm.... something)

    I have had a very sad time as I have lost my dear cat recently, and this is a lovely thing to happen as it is giving us all a smile here.


    Glad the fair went well. I am keeping an eye out for any in this area (north Essex) as I love to go to them. Especially if there are stalls with free chocolate :)

  7. i'm really glad your fair went well!

    who would have thought of black for a wedding! i must say your designs look fabulous though - very classy :) x

  8. ps of COURSE Karen should get the prize!!!

    re a theme for a December competition-
    how about anything BUT a card, as as you say, we might have had our fill of cards by then! A candle, a feltie, an ACEO/ATC, anything!
    For a theme what about 'new beginnings'? Not quite 'new year' but almost. As by the 22nd of Dec the nights start to draw out again and I start to feel more hopeful!

  9. Your stall looks very sleek and elegant- the chocolates are a great idea!

  10. The black and gold is so stylish, I like them a lot.
    Yay, I voted for the winning card. It was a great competition, well done you for hosting it. xx

  11. Helena you are very kind.
    Congratulations to the other winners and thank you to those who voted for me.
    Love the black and gold. I actually made a black tiara the other day for a bride.
    not allowed to unveil it until Easter though as that's when she gets married!

  12. Well done to all the card winners. Wonderful to hear the wedding fayre went so well. Your card display is lovely, very sophisticated. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  13. Very worthy winners.

    Well done on your first wedding fayre, something I have been toying with for some time again some where on my 'To Do 'list.
    Have a great week

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  15. Thank you for voting for my card too. It was a lovely surprise to get the email from Jill this morning. Thank you for organising the competition Jill.

    Claire xx

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  17. Congrats on your success at the fayre - the chocolates are a great idea!

  18. Glad that the fayre went well! And free sandwiches and drinks...?! Frensham pond brings back memories of my wedding party (after we'd got married in Austria)! And I love that you had chocs on the table, we've tried that before :o)

  19. Sorry not sure why my comment appeared three times. Hope this one doesn't either!

  20. Well done on your successful fair. Your stall looks very sophisticated and professional and your work is lovely. Am not surprised you have done well xxx

  21. I love the look of your stall and I'm so glad you had a great fair.

  22. Well done, Jill. Great card comp and fabulous stall. Love the black and gold x.

  23. I'm glad your fair went well, I really like the look of your table, your designs are very classic and classic is always popular.

    Jan x

  24. Thank you for my prize - it arrived this morning!



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