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Wednesday 24 October 2012


Hi everyone

What grim, grey weather it has been so far this week.  Just waiting for the BIG drop in temperature we have been promised for later this week.

All bloggers know that it is lovely to get comments on their posts - not only does it enable people to share in our blog, but it gives us much-valued feedback too.  This is always very welcome - as long as they are friendly, positive and/or helpful comments that is.  I had a comment left recently that inferred that my kitten fostering activities give the impression that I have 'gone senile bringing in all the waifs and strays' (I should add that this was in the context of my cats, Jazz and Daisy, supposedly feeling this way).  A humorous remark?  Perhaps I have over-reacted and I am sure many of you will feel that I did, but I didn't find it funny and I haven't published the comment.

Once blogs and their comments are published, they are open to anyone and everyone to read.  Therefore my recommendation is think carefully before you post a comment that may reflect on you rather than the blog post you are commenting on.

Still  in a cat frame of mind, I am posting my first Thursday cat-related blog post tomorrow, so please do drop in and don't forget to come back on Friday to meet my guest blogger.



  1. I do try and comment on all/most blogs I read, simply because someone has taken the time to write something original. I read everything over before I 'publish' but I still make mistakes.

    I agree with you, the sentiment of the comment usually reflects on the commenter and not the blogger. If it were my blog, I would have published the comment.

    Hope the ginger lads are doing well - looking forward to your cat post tomorrow x.

    1. I love getting comments on my blog, and feel it is such a compliment when people take the time to visit and write something. Unpleasant comments are not necessary and thank goodness for the ability not to publish them.

  2. I've had a couple of nasty comments made on my blogs in the past, I published them then removed the content so it stated I had removed the content.

    I then wrote a reply stating why I had removed the comment, and said I would be happy to publish it if they were brave enough to rewrite it and added their name as I wouldn't publish nastiness from cowards hiding behind the annonymous option.

    Funnily enough they have never taken me up on the offer, probably because I actually know who it is.

    People have repetitive habits when writing, that is how I know who it is.

    Don't take what some mindless person says to heart, some people are compelled to try and put other people down and hurt feelings.

    Your fostering is a wonderful act of kindness,and long may it continue.

    (((Hugs)))) xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn - I love having the kittens here. Big time wasters - in the nicest possible way. Sadly, there are some people who have such a negative outlook on life, it spills over into their comments. Thank goodness not everyone is like that.

  3. There are those who like to cause affence ...just ignore them. At least you just foster and then find homes ...I fall in love with their big eyes ... ...thats why I have 20 and am probably known as 'That old Cat Lady' by those in the street. lol
    You are doing an amazing job ...long may you foster and home them.xx

    1. Oh,yes, their eyes are gorgeous. So beautiful. The 'homing' bit is hard - so difficult to say goodbye to them.


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