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Wednesday 23 January 2013


Hi everyone

It has been a long, long time since my last post - Christmas, New Year and holidays have come and gone, as well as a whole sky full of snow!  I have never seen snow before - well I am only 5 and a bit months old and had to have it explained to me.  It does look a lot like cat litter falling from the sky - I always thought cat litter came in bags not from the sky.  Oh well, I learn something new every day.

We have had a very large fox visiting our garden recently, I am sure he is very hungry but cats don't make tasty meals, so off you go Mr Fox, you are beautiful, but not too welcome in my garden.  I haven't been outside yet so have not met him face-to-face.

I know somewhere in her recent posts Jill has called me a kleptomaniac, but I prefer the name Richard has given me - he calls me a Borrower.  Problem is they know what I borrow, but they are having problems finding my hiding places.  Sometimes I hide them in a box, sometimes in their bed. a few times under the table and occasionally in the middle of the floor.  Sometimes even I forget where I have hidden things.  I tend to leave bits of clothing in the middle of the floor: socks, pants, scarves, a bra.  However, they are getting a little wise to me and are being very careful about leaving things lying around.

I am trying to help Richard give up smoking; I hide his cigarette papers and his lighter - I tend to drop his cigarette papers in my food bowl so they get all soggy!  I am a four-legged nicotine patch.

As you know, I was a kitten from Woking Cats Protection and was originally fostered by Jill and Richard.  They adopted me not long after I came to them because I am cute, adorable and lovely (well that's what Jill says).  If you would like a cute, adorable and lovely kitten (or cat) please check out the website - there are lots of cats and kittens looking for new homes.  I understand there might be some foster kittens moving in here soon, so watch this space.

Off for a snooze, this blogging is very tiring.

I will be back next week



  1. Charming to read about life at CPC from Milly's point of view. Good kitty for helping R to stop smoking :-)
    Hope you will all enjoy your new foster kittens x.

  2. Oh Milly glad to see you've settled in so well and have taken to borrowing everyone's things. I'm so glad to hear your inside away from the awful weather and the nasty fox.
    Ali x

  3. I like the four-legged nicotine patch description, it made me laugh x

    Jan x

  4. A lovely insight into everyday life from a cat's point of view :)


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