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Sunday 13 January 2013


Hi everyone

What's the weather like where you are?  The forecast for Christmas Pie is pretty grim and I have visions of being snowed in or out - see my post next Sunday for clarification.

This week has been busy, but not work-related busy.  I haven't lost track of my plans J have just been involved in something else.  However, plans are going well for my workshops; they are about to be advertised in a newsletter that is distributed to all homes in Chilworth and I will add them to Blink Collective and Hot Courses (HC) - I registered with HC late last year.  In addition to these advertising outlets, I will use Twitter, my blog and website, as well as local notice boards to promote the courses.

I will be spending time soon making up packs of material to be used in each session, as well as packs that people can buy to work on at home.  A question or two for my blog followers.  Would you use a workshop to sell your own work?  Would you take the opportunity to sell other card-making materials, such as card, embellishments, scissors, double-sided tape, etc?  I am interested to know your thoughts on this.

A mini-post this week, but a very good reason and should be back to normal next Sunday.  Many thanks for the lovely comments received and please don't forget to drop in on Handmade Monday  To catch up with my fellow crafters.  Last week's posts were great as it was lovely to read about the Christmas pressies everyone had and the New Year plans they had made.

Have a good week everyone - 'see' you next Sunday



  1. I think a lot of workshops have related goodies for sale, and I think the attendees may be glad of the opportunity to purchase craft materials. I am not as sure about handmade items, but I could be wrong. Good luck with them, hope that snow doesn't stick!

  2. It looks like it is just going to snow here.I hope it does not stick

  3. I can't see that having a table of examples which also happen to be on sale can do any harm? Also if I am learning a new craft I would find it very handy to be able to buy some things so that I can continue when I get home (especially if it comes with your recommendation!) As long as it is not hard selling then I am not sure that people will mind.

  4. I'm excited on your behalf about the workshops, i really hope they're a great success :)

    To answer your question i think that offering appropriate material to buy would be an excellent idea. As far as your own work goes i would say definitely make it available for people to browse if they would like, but not in a way that makes them feel obliged to. Hope this helps! x

  5. I have unintentionally sold at workshops when I've taken things in to show what's possible.Good luck with it all:-)

  6. I don't want to alarm you Jill....But it's snowing already on your blog..;)
    It's typical that I really WANT the snow but won't get it and you're the complete opposite.
    Hope it doesn't get too bad for you and you have a good week!
    S x

  7. Bet you will do well with the workshops. I can't see it would be a problem if you bought some items along to sell and laid them out in a corner, then people can look and decide to buy or not without any pressure.

  8. I woke up to a thin layer of snow in Norfolk, & apparently it's going to last all week!!

    I think selling some packs of materials is a great idea...and I'm sure you could sell some of your own work, it's also a good way for people to get ideas for their own makes.
    Melanie x.

  9. I think it's a good idea to take things along, even if it's just to show what can be done. You never know, you may get a sale or two as well.

    Jan x

  10. I think I'd consider it really useful to be able to buy bits for home at a workshop - when you are learning something new you often want to buy stuff and don't know where to start

  11. Not too bad on the snow front, Jill, so hope you've had a happy and productive day. What news of the cats? Hope you enjoyed your hols :-)

  12. Little bit of snow here this morning but I've just taken my daughter to the train station and everythings freezing, brrrr. Great to hear the workshops are so popular. If I was taking a course I'd like the opportunity to purchase materials while at the course. I bought my calligraphy pens from the tutor when on a course. People found it useful as they didn't have to look elsewhere. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  13. Good luck with your workshop. I'm sure people would be very interested to see what you put on display, and find it encouraging to see what can be made.
    Wendy x

  14. I wish I had something to sell. I'd gladly offer a workshop to sell it.


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