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Sunday 6 January 2013


Hello everyone

A very Happy New Year to you.

Already one week into the New Year - the days seem to whizz by so fast.

No new makes this time around - I have taken some time off to work on various other things.

I am in the process of finalising six card-making workshops: two for Valentine's Day, two for Mother's Day and two for Easter.  The sessions will be two hours long, the first one will run 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm and the second, 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm on the same day, will be a repeat of the afternoon's session.  I had originally thought of having workshops for just basic card-making for all/any occasions, but think a themed one to begin with will be easier to run and provide materials for.  My cake-making friend is managing the refreshments and we are also offering homemade bread and soup mini-lunches and suppers.  Once everything is confirmed, I will add details on my blog and website, but I can let you know the sessions will take place in Chilworth, Surrey.

No New Year's resolutions for me this year.  I rarely stick to them so by not making any I avoid the disappointment.  However, I do have plans (they are not resolutions, are they?).  My aim is to be more structured and organised in my working life.  I am a terrible time-waster and am amazed at how much time I can waste on the Internet - doubt I am alone in that though.  This year I will make proper 'To-Do' lists on paper, not the mental ones I have relied on and conveniently lost, and I will stick to them and ensure everything gets completed - eventually.

Just a mini post today, but don't forget to visit the other blogs taking part in this week's Handmade Monday.  I am looking forward to reading about the plans everyone has for 2013 - exciting times.

My Friday Guest Blogger spot returns at the end of January, so please get in touch with me if you would like 'book' a spot.  Our new kitten, Milly, will also be back towards the end of January with her Wednesday blog post - this coincides with my return to kitten fostering, so Milly will have plenty to write about.

'See' you next weekend.



  1. Can't believe you mentioned Mother's Day and Valentines's Day - still recovering from Christmas :-)

    'See' you soon x.

  2. Happy New Year, Jill! The workshops sound brilliant. You're going to be busy - workshops & lists - there'll be no holding you!

  3. How exciting to be starting your card making workshops! I think that making them for specific events is a great idea and providing yummy food too :) I'm sure they'll be an enjoyable venture for all involved! x

  4. That sounds exciting I hope everythings slots into place. Good idea to be able to offer a light lunch as well.

  5. Isn't it really hard to stop and plan rather than just ploughing on? But it's amazing how good you feel when you know where you are going. So pleased to hear about the classes, I bet they fill up really quickly... and you did mention cake... what a great combo, craft and cake!

  6. I think you do have resolutions but I am with you about the formalising of them :)Your workshops sound very exciting. Hope they are as successful as they deserve to be.

  7. Good luck with your workshops and if you think positively I'm sure you will succeed with your 'plans' :)

  8. I made no resolutions either....Always break them. I might have to nick your plan to be more organised and spend less time faffing about online ;)
    So look forward to hearing from Milly!
    Happy New Year
    Sarah x

  9. Good luck with your workshops - it sounds like going with a theme is a good one. I'm another guilty party at spending too much time on the internet unproductively so I'm hoping I can do something about that!

  10. Your workshops sound great, a theme is a great idea, some people are at a bit of a loss to what subject to choose.
    I don't do resolutions either, I always end up breaking them then feel guilty so now I just don't bother.

    Have a great week

    Jan x

    ps.... I miss your 'green' x

  11. Good luck with your card making workshops! show us please the photos and the creations afterwards :D
    happy new year! hope your plans will come true.x

  12. I think it's great your doing the card making workshops. Anything like that is always fun and everyone gets to take something lovely home. I hope they're a sell out.
    Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  13. The workshops sound like they'll be fun. There will be no stopping you once you have your lists!

  14. Haha! My only NY Resolution was to start blogging again, regularly. So far so good! :) And thank you for reminding me about Valentine's Day Cards. I really thought I would try to do them this year. But I usually think about them in January, totally forget and remember them far too late to do anything about them. Maybe I should make a list. :)

  15. Hi! Sorry I've not been around for awhile. Wow, you are so busy! I like the workshop idea. It sounds like great fun and a good way to network.


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