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Sunday 27 January 2013


Hi everyone

What a beautiful day it has been.  Thinking back to a week ago, who could have foreseen such a change in the weather.  The forecast shows this week will see a couple of days with temperatures in double figures - perhaps spring is on the way.

A busy week that has involved card-making to re-stock my wall at Bourne Mill Antiques Centre as well as completing three card orders - photographs of two of them are below.  As so often happens with me, I forgot to photograph all of them.

The brief for one of the cards was for a wildlife (in particular tigers, whales and elephants), Tudor dynasty, poppies and Rachmaninov loving person.  With photographs I already had and other copyright-free ones, I managed to fulfil the requirements of my customer and I gather the recipient was very happy with their card.

This week has also been, groan, tax-return week.  Just need to do a final check before I send it to the HMRC.  I always feel very relieved that has been done.

Handmade Monday reached the grand total of 100 posts last week and Wendy, the blog's owner, celebrated with some fantastic give-aways each day.  There is still time to enter and there are some amazing goodies - I entered each day and am really hoping to be one of the lucky winners.  Many thanks, Wendy, for as very interesting week.

My pottery course began again this week (well for me it did as I missed the first week).  We have an ambitious project this term which is landscaping - creating pots or wall plaques with scenes.  I have decided to create a plaque and have so far added mountains, rocks falling down a hillside and also added some trees using twigs/branches pressed into the clay.  Once it looks presentable I will photograph it and post it on my blog.

My workshops are moving, very, very slowly, so I think I need to step up the promotion of them which so far I have not been very proactive about.  Work for this week includes making Valentine's Cards for Bourne Mill and my website and I will also add some to my Etsy shop.

We went to one of our regular family get-togethers yesterday.  Always great fun, time goes too quickly and it was really nice to catch up with everyone - lots of lovely food too.  Thank you Maralyn, hope today has been feet up time for you.

Don't forget to visit the Handmade Monday blog this week to read everyone's comments and see their fantastic makes for the week, plus to have a go at the give-aways if you haven't done so yet.

Have a good week everyone.  I will be back next Sunday and in the meantime Milly will be posting her (now) regular Wednesday blog post - if you missed it last week's post, please click on this link to catch up with what she has been doing.



  1. I'd say your cards fitted the brief really well.

  2. Sounds like you are going to be very busy with card making and your pottery course

  3. Wow, that was quite a demanding brief for a card! Well done on achieving it! x

  4. Super cards - so personal and that's always special. Your pottery plaque sounds brilliant - don't forget to show us. Good luck with the workshops too.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. The cards are lovely - that wasn't a straightforward brief either! Good luck with the work shop promotions - it's the bit I find hardest too. Simmi x

  6. You are very clever with your cards - you don't get easy briefs do you? Maybe the weather has stopped people looking forward and booking onto your workshops. Maybe things will pick up now the weather is more 'spring like'. I hope so.

  7. The card was a brief and a half! Well done for achieving it! Your pot sounds like it's going to be very interesting- I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  8. Looking forward to seeing your pottery..I did ceramics as an exam at school (many many years ago) and think it's about time I tried it again...!
    Really love the colours on your flower card...just beautiful.
    Have a brilliant week!
    S x

  9. Your cards look lovely. I like the poppy's as they are my favourite flower.

    Good luck with your pottery course. Years ago I 'through' a pot. It was supposed to be a tall vase, however it ended up being little and dumpy.....

  10. Well you managed to fit the brief with the cards very well. Looking forward to seeing what you comeup with for the pottery course, sounds so interesting.

  11. So clever of you to meet the brief for the cards perfectly. Looking forward to seeing the pottery x.

  12. I think the recipient of that card can truly say it is totally unique and personal to them!! Great job :)

    Good luck with your ceramic landscape, i look forward to some piccies! x

  13. Your cards are fantastic and well done on coping with the brief! Good luck with your courses x

  14. what a complex brief. I think you came up with an amazing card. I really like the one with the flower, very pretty. Good luck with the pottery, hope you enjoy it.
    Ali x

  15. Lovely cards. I do love the colour scheme you chose for the Sue birthday card.

  16. An amazing, really personal card. Sounds like you've had another busy week andd more to come! Jo x

  17. Gorgeous cards Jill. Loving the layered flower on the first and the collaged effect of the photos on the second.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  18. You seem so busy, I'm tired just reading all about it! I always love your cards, they look very professional, which to me is the highest compliment! I am anxious to see your pottery too. I love that sort of thing. :)


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