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Wednesday 30 January 2013


Hi everyone

I know we shouldn't wish time away, but I am glad January is whizzing by coz in the spring time I am going to be let loose into an unsuspecting world.  By that I mean I am going to be let out into my garden.  I look at it out of the window and so far I haven't been too keen to go outside, but I am sure there are lots of places to explore and lots of wonderful things to collect and bring inside.

My 'borrowing' is still continuing; when Jill tried to put her boots on on Saturday, she found it a little difficult as I had hidden a pack of Richard's cigarette papers in the toe!  He just isn't getting the message that he should give up smoking!  I won't give up and Jill will just have to remember to check her boots in future before she puts them on.  I do occasionally get into Richard's sock drawer if he leaves it open - bundled up socks look rather like big mice.  Mind you chances to borrow things are getting less and less as they get wise to me - spoil-sports.

I am really well settled in here now and although we have a few 'discussions' I think Daisy is beginning to realise 'I aint going' nowhere'.  I love Jazz, he is my best friend - don't think he sees me in the same way though, but I can hope - and as you can see in this pic I like to cuddle up with him for a nap after a hard day's play:

I am off for my mid-morning snooze now, but I will be back next week.  Have fun everyone -
I will.



  1. I'm jealous of the mid morning snooze :)

    Jan x

  2. Oh dear Milly, I do hope you will be able explore outside very soon. A whole new world for you x.

  3. Sounds like a great time Milly sure Jazz loves you too and can't wait to show you round outside x


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