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Sunday 4 December 2011


Hi everyone

I did my last Christmas Fair on Saturday and Father Christmas was there too - with his 'busiest day' looming, I am amazed he finds the time to be in so many places this month.  Mind you, he does have 11 months to get ready for his one-day-a-year-job - I couldn't his job though.  All that lugging around of great sacks of parcels, stopping at millions of homes, in and out of the sleigh (constantly thinking 'have I locked it?), exposed to the elements (you would think sleighs these days would be enclosed) and at the end of the night getting home to find there is still one present left in the sack and the home it should have been delivered to is half-way across the world.  Decision time: do I deliver it now, leave it for next year or pop it in the post?  Too much to cope with in one night - think I will stick to what I know best.

I won 12 gorgeous cup-cakes in the Christmas Fair's raffle - very tempting, but I am trying really hard to avoid sweet things, but I could see they were calling me when I went to the prize table to collect them.  However, I decided to hang out until Christmas for sweet things (I wish) and as we have cake-loving neighbours, they shared in my win.

Last week was a busy week in Christmas Pie Crafts: a card order plus getting ready for Saturday's event and also producing some stock specifically for my wall at Bourne Mill.  I want to have a sort out of my stock there and move things around - I remember one of the centre's traders saying to me that moving the stock around is a good sales tactic - it works too.

A busy week this week too (work-wise and me-wise) - have a card to make, plus promised myself  this year we will send our own Christmas cards out early (normally it is a last minute thing), out for lunch with friends today and off for a Spa Day with a friend on Thursday - no pamper treatments booked as I have my toes painted regularly at a local salon, but I know lots and lots of talking will take place.

Handmade Monday is here again and frightening to realise that there are only 2 more before Christmas  .  My 'show' today is a card I recently made for a specific order.  I have blotted out the words/names on the front as the card has not yet been posted by my customer.  The card is a step design and I have used papers from the Popular Crafts magazine website.  I used the larger printout for the background and then cut out several snow-covered trees to add to the front section.  It isn't a great photograph - found it tricky to photograph something that in effect is 3-D but I hope you like it.  Don't forget to visit the other blogs taking part in Handmade Monday - lots of lovely crafty goodies and great blog posts too.

Must get back to card-making - one order to complete this morning and I want to get it into the post before I meet up with my friends at lunch-time.  Enjoy the week everyone, I will be back on Wednesday with my mid-week blog post.



  1. Gosh Jill, you sound really busy, it's nice that you managed to share your cakes, have a good lunch and thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    Jan x

  2. Wow, how lucky was that to win the cupcakes (makes note to self to move) Love the card :)

  3. what discipline about the cakes! Very pretty card - so its called step design? Another new word for my dictionary.

  4. Oh, the card is awesome! I love how you've done the trees and the sort of three D design. Very nice!

  5. Glad to hear you are busy Jill. The card you made is lovely Mich :)

  6. I love the card Jill, so pretty. Like you all my cards are done and posted just the food to get now. How could you turn down those cakes? I want some of that will power mine is on holiday in fact think has emigrated.

  7. Love the card, well done on the cake front! Lucky neighbours!

  8. The card is lovely and well done, not just for winning the cakes but also for having the willpower not to sit and eat them all! x

  9. Lovely card I'm ashamed to say I haven't made any yet!Enjoy your spa day

  10. How did this one go? We had our last Sat and the organizers forgot to get leaflets and posters printed. me and sis took it in turn to go outside, handout our biz cards and tell them about the fayre. So we were one of the lucky businesses to make money.

    We are just fulfilling the last of the orders now.

    Linky parties - 1st of each month

  11. what a pretty card! love the layout and the snowy trees. beautiful! x x


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