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Tuesday 6 December 2011


Hi everyone

No, not a typo - our new sofas were delivered today and very smart they look too.  We sold the old big sofa about 2 months ago and have been squashing ourselves into the smaller one - very cozy, but not great if you want to loll and stretch out.  These have arrived just in time for Christmas entertaining.  Jazz and Daisy have checked out the new sofas - Daisy isn't so sure yet, but Jazz thinks they are great and just ideal for cats and has given his seal of snoozing space approval.

Just hope the old small one goes quickly as it is getting a little cramped here.  It's on Ebay and if not sold by tomorrow evening, we will free-cycle it.

A busy-ish week so far.  Had an extra card order following on from another card order - always nice to get repeat custom.  Enjoyed lunch with a couple of friends on Monday - even better as we had a voucher for 20% off the meal.  My kind of bargain.  Out tomorrow with another friend for a Spa Day, which I know will be good fun.  Still haven't started our own Christmas cards, despite promising we would - perhaps this coming weekend...................  Today I began making a wreath following the Ros Made Me Ragtime Christmas Wreath tutorial - great instructions and my wreath it going well so far.  I will add a pic, or some pics to my next post.  Fingers crossed it turns out well.

Need to post my mid-week blog now and get back to my wreath making.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone - I will be back for Handmade Monday.



  1. So you will be lovely and comfy for Christmas, no wonder Jazz is happy. All that lovely stuff to sharpen his claws on. lol.

  2. Jazz looks very comy! my tabby Dixie is warming herself by the open fire right now!!!

    (linky party live)


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