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Monday 19 December 2011


Hi everyone

How are you?  Exhausted I am sure, but looking forward to the BIG day.  Not long now - the number of days left are into single figures.  I still have shopping to finish (as well as the fresh food stuff that is) and a few cards to write (and post). Very impressed that with all the preparations at the end of last week, we managed to get the majority of our cards written and posted.  Phew.  Next year we will be so much more prepared and will get them out early (er, yes, said that this year).

A mad but great weekend - always great to see friends and family, especially at this time of year.  Nice to have a fairly peaceful day today though - plans for today changed slightly and now have a hectic day tomorrow instead.  Seems the norm at this time of year - catching up with friends and family that we may not have seen for a while.

It is Handmade Monday and I haven't got anything handmade to show - well not of mine that is.  I recently bought a gorgeous peel-off Christmas tree from Ali's Craft Studio and this is it in-situ on our conservatory door:

It is lovely and the picture doesn't do it full justice.

I have been doing a little Christmas decorating around our place, so can definitely class them as hand made.  We are in the process of replacing a fire in the dining room and discovered that this will also involve replacing the whole fire surround.  So as it is the current one's last Christmas, though I would decorate it with holly and other leaves, branches, etc from the garden.  Added a length of wire decorated with roses and it looks Christmasy.

I recently bought a gorgeous red Poinsettia and wanted to do something about its container (a brown plastic pot).  At the same time I also bought, a half-price bargain, s large red vase.  I took the plant out of its pot, put it into a thick plastic bag, half filled the vase with red baubles and added the plant - not a great pic, but I am pleased with how it looks in reality.

Lastly, we have a big balloon-style candle holder that seems to sit around not doing much.  I filled it with red and white glass baubles of various styles and shapes and added a bunch of battery operated lights - more sparkles!

So, I can claim them as handmade although not under my Christmas Pie Crafts business banner.

Have a great day everyone and don't forget to hop around the blogs of my fellow crafters taking part in this week's Handmade Monday.

I will be back on Wednesday for my mid-week last pre-Christmas post.



  1. I agree about Ali's tree. I looked longingly at them last month and then didn't do anything about it. Wish I had now. Love your idea in your red candle holder, very effective. This is the very reason I so love reading all the blogs, so many fantastic but simple ideas. I am off to nick that one I am afraid. Thanks so much.

  2. The glass pebbles in the vase make it look spectacular. Love Ali's peel off.
    What does organised mean? lol

  3. The tree is lovely, and your decorations are very festive! Happy Christmas x

  4. The baubles and lights look fab as does your mantlepiece.
    I don't think organised is actually in my personal dictionary ;)
    Have a great Xmas
    S x

  5. That tree is lovely. Everything looks really festive.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

    Alison x

  6. How wonderful to see the picture of the tree you bought from me - it looks great and I am so pleased you like it. (I have actually put the display one I have on my kitchen door as - surprise surprise - I didn't get time to make one for myself!!)

    Your decorations look terrific (I really wish I had a fireplace to put garlands on...) and the idea with the poinsettia and vase is brilliant.

    Wishing you a very very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year xx

    Ali x

  7. And heres me thinking thst the last picture was going to be a nice big bowl of punch!! Is it time for drinkies yet.! Ali's christmas tree looks really stunning.
    I didn't realise they were peel offs. I definitely need a drink. Have a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  8. I bet your house looks fab with those decorations. I am going to get one of those trees from Ali next year if I'm in my new house by then! Merry Christmas. x

  9. The tree by Ali looks great - I really love what you have done with the plant and the red container - Looks lovely. Have a great Christmas and New Year Jill. Mich x

  10. I love Ali's tree! I've not even started shopping, decorating, anything, yet. Finished most of my orders today, a few tomorrow, then I can think about Christmas! :-)

  11. That is a lovely idea for a container to hold your poinsettia. I love the shape of it.

    Best wishes for Christmas and 2012.

    Jan x

  12. I do like that vase with the lights and baubles, what a great idea!

  13. Merry Christmas and hope you a fab new year.

  14. What a lovely Christmassy post. Thanks for sharing all your goodies. I love the tree and holly. It just can't be Christmas without an Amaryllis too :-) Enjoy a lovely Christmas with your family. Have a super New Year and 2012!

  15. what a beautiful festive christmas tree cling! looks lovely when sunlight shines through it :)

    happy new year to you! x


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