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Wednesday 21 December 2011


Hello everyone

The usual weather forecast from Christmas Pie Crafts: it is mild, sort-of spring like, not Chrismasy at all and getting a little warmer every day.  I think the last two years at this time have been how we expect Christmas to be - snowy.  Not as bad as it was last year, but some snow around makes it just that little bit more seasonal.

A hectic week - the week before Christmas always seems to be crazy doesn't it?  No matter how many shopping lists I make, or trips to the supermarket I do, I always seem to manage to forget something.  Last food shopping trip today though - unless, of course, I forget something!  No, no, if I do, that's it we go without - now have I got the turkey...............  Last food and veggie shop completed this morning (and of course enough cat food to feed all of the cats in Surrey).  Very surprising how quiet (in comparison to previous years that is) the supermarkets are.  I will be interested to hear the sales figures once the Christmas period is over.  The economic forecast for next year appears to be all gloom and doom.

Although I plan on doing as little as possible over the Christmas period - apart from eating, drinking and being very merry, I would like to do some crafting,  So, in preparation I want to nip out to Art of Craft and buy some bits and pieces and also nip into the fabric shop next door to buy some material for the beginnings of next year's new projects. 

I prepared  a handout to go with my cards this year about card-making workshops that I would like to start in 2012 - I heard from two keen card-makers yesterday that they would like to take part in one of my sessions.  That's really good news and I am looking forward to setting these up.  I will be checking out venues in early January, so keep an eye out in future blog posts for more information.

'Have you finished all your Christmas shopping, Jazz?'  'I think so Daisy, how about you?'  Yes, everything bought, just a few things left to wrap up but I am having a problem tracking down mouse-flavoured stuffing for the turkey.'  That's perhaps a good thing, Daisy, as I don't think Jill and Richard will be very keen on that - they like the boring old sage and onion stuff.'

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone and I will be back with a very mini post on Christmas Eve.


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