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Sunday 11 December 2011


Hi everyone

Exciting, isn't it?  Less than two weeks to go to Christmas Day.  So much still to do before then - I have only written two cards and have about 40+ to write and post and apparently today is the busiest day for the Post Office, so perhaps I should help out and leave mine for one more day.  Nearly all presents have been bought, but none wrapped.  Must get them done this week or it will be Christmas 2012 before I get my act together!

It has been a busy week - both work-wise, socially and planning.  Things I have made during the week have pointed me in the direction for how my business will go in 2012.  I won't give up making cards as I really enjoy that part of my work, but I do know that cards are not enough to sustain a small business - so there will be some additions to the Christmas Pie Crafts range next year.

Spent Thursday with a friend - went to her gym and I managed to burn up 72 calories, then we had lunch!  Went to the Wisley Victorian themed event on Saturday with another friend - very surprised at how quiet it was.  Those of you that know Wisley, know they have a fabulous gift shop as well as the plant centre.  All very quiet - perhaps a sign of the times?

It's Handmade Monday - I am sure there are more Mondays in the week these days coz it comes around very quickly.  I never seem to be ready for it and despite planning to write my blog and photograph my makes ready for posting on Sunday evening, think I have only managed that about twice.  My make this week is the wreath I mentioned in my last post (courtesy of RoseMadeMe tutorial).  I made my wreath in red and white striped material and added a few red and white baubles.  I may have overdone the material quantity but like nature I abhor a vacuum, so had to fill in any spaces I could see.  I like it and it fits in with the Christmas red and white theme in my porch.  Well it will when my white Christmas tree arrives!  It was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, but sadly it wasn't.  Perhaps today...................

A mini-blog post today as have loads to do.  I still have cards to make, as well as loads to write, parcels to wrap (and two pressies still to buy), housework ready for the Saturday get-together here.  Hope you all have a great day and I will be back on Wednesday with my mid-week post.  Don;t forget to check out the other Handmade Monday bloggers - great things to see and read about.



  1. Hey, love the wreath, stunning. I have acquired the polystyrene ring but done nothing with it yet. Perhaps you have inspired me to start?????? Hope your tree arrives today then you can get your porch finally sorted.

  2. The red and white wreath is stunning Jill, hope the tree arrives todday.

  3. Ro's wreath looks amazing and I bet you had loads of fun doing it too, love the addition of the baubles. Look forward to seeing the new additions!

  4. I love the colourw in the wreath, very christmassy :)

  5. I love the wreath, the colours and baubles look great. I've been meaning to make one since I saw the tutorial but its still on my to-do list. Maybe next year. x

  6. Wow Jill - the wreath looks amazing! Love the colour - you have made such a great job of it. Mich x

  7. I'm just like you with the cards and the presents. I don't know where the time has gone.

    Love the wreath and hope you get your tree soon.

  8. I love your snowman picture, such a cute nose. :o)
    The wreath is lovely and you are right it is the busiest P.O day and they also had a problem with their computer system crashing. All sorted now :o)

    Jan x

  9. Love your big size wreath. Looks great on the front door. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. I have decided to skip the cards this year. When people ask I just say I'm going green lol. I have an eye of buying personalised ones next yr to make up!

    Lovely wreath - the colours really pop.

  11. The wreath is gorgeous! And don't you think it would be better if it took longer to consume 72 calories than it did to burn them off? Well, I always thought so. :) You sound as busy as can be, I'll bet your burning many more than that. :)


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