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Thursday 1 September 2011


Hi everyone

Well, that is it - well and truly.  Last day in the 'day job' yesterday.  Today begins my full-time self-employed card-maker life, rather than running my business along-side working for someone else.  Scary, but exciting.  A sad day really as I had been there for a long time, seen lots of students come and go and made good friends too.  But new things are always welcome, so onward and upward as they say.

A busy week so far, mainly because of the day job, but lots of planning (as always) carried out and I will take a couple of days to sort things out (plus have lots of other things to do) and then get down to the serious business of building my card-making business.  I am in the process of booking a place at another couple of events and will add the details to my blog - don't forget to check the where am I section.

I have been advised that my blog will feature in the October issue of Popular Crafts - so exciting and I am looking forward to that very much.

A short blog as it is a little later than the Wednesday planned post, but I will be back with a normal newsy one on Sunday.

Have a good day everyone


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