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Sunday 11 September 2011


Hi everyone

Not only 'where did the week go' but who changed Blogger while I wasn't looking?  The design section seems to have changed completely, just when I was managing to find my way around.  Oh, well, we bloggers like a challenge and I must say it all looks clean and neat and the input window is much better than in the previous version.

A busy week: met up with a friend for coffee and catch-up time.  Compared our ankle woes - both have a similar problem.  We both used to teach, so perhaps it is thanks to standing all day.  I had some more physio the following day and there is a definite improvement - hope it continues because a swollen ankle makes wearing dainty shoes very tricky.

Went to visit the new Civic Hall  (it is called  G Live) with a friend on Thursday.  It looks really good: very light, pale decoration inside, so looks very smart.  Lots of events planned for the next few months so will spend some time over the weekend planning which ones to book.  Cafe area is very nice, but several 'we have only just opened' didn't excuse the fact that our coffee sat for nearly 5 minutes on the counter before we got it (and had to return it as it was cold).  Teething troubles I am sure and I look forward to attending future events.

A sad day today; watching the re-runs of the 9/11 news this morning it is still so shocking to see.  At the time of the attacks my step-brother was working two blocks away from the World Trade Centre and we were unable to get any news on him.  You can imagine how relieved we were when we did eventually hear from him, but also how very sad for all those lost lives.  Creative and Faithful has a post about her memories of 9/11 - a blog link is in My Favourite Blogs list (this is a link to the post:  In her post Karen mentions that people can always remember their whereabouts on important days (happy and tragic) from history.  I remember where I was on that day.  I was teaching, in the staff room for a quick break, telephone rang and it was a colleague's husband telling us of the first attack.  We couldn't believe it - it just seemed so unreal at the time, until we managed to get hold of a television to see the news film.

I have made a good start (better late than never?) on my Christmas cards (I will add some pics to my Wednesday blog) and this has now become urgent as I booked a stall in a further three events this week.  Don't forget to have a look at the Where Am I? section to the right of my blog - this will be updated regularly with details of events that I will be attending.

I bought a gigantic reel of gorgeous red ribbon recently - it has  highlighted glass bauble decorations on it.  I spent time this morning measuring, snipping, trimming, removing the wire at the sides, fixed it to the front a large card, only to find I had put it on upside down!  Decision time, do I have a card with the fold on the right-hand side?  A novel idea, but no, I cut the card down the middle and added it (right way up) to another card front.  My crafting motto is 'I never make mistakes, I just create opportunities'.

Have a good week everyone - I will be back with more news on Wednesday.


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  1. I've been watching the 9/11 docs and you cannot imagine the terror everyone must have gone through.

    Lesley - The Bathtime Team


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