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Monday 19 September 2011


Hi everyone

It's Monday again and that means it is Handmade Monday- I am looking forward to visiting all of the other blogs that take part is this great event, leaving comments about the stunning work produced and the interesting and often amusing things that my fellow bloggers do.  As always, lovely to have visits and read the comments and feedback on my blog too.

A busy week ahead. My first pre-Christmas fair is not far off and I need to settle down to Christmas card-making, rather than keep flitting from one project to another.  Self nagging needed here.  Off to the Yvonne Arnaud theatre this week with a friend to see a production of Macbeth - going to one of the afternoon matinee's.  Not so busy and of course tickets cost less, which is always welcome.  Top of my list this week?  Clear my work room - top of my list next week?  Yes, you guessed it, likely to be clear my workroom.  The rest of the list is too long to repeat and unfortunately contains loads of things from last week (and many previous weeks) that didn't get done.  Where does the time go?

Back to Handmade Monday - my 'make' for today is the Congratulations card I made and here it is:

The card is A4 folded (white).  I fixed a crinkle-edge green sheet and on top of that a crinkle-edge white layer (you can just about see the edge of the green).  I then added a gold adhesive sheet on top of that.  The next layer was browns, creams and green stripes and to this I added an 'academic' frame.  On raised golf foil I added congratulations at the top and, as requested in the order, September 2011 at the bottom.  To balance the stripes I added small pieces at the top let and bottom right corners and also a strip along the bottom, just above the wording  The client's brother had achieved his PhD in Maths & Computing, but I didn't think the card need pics of figures or computers, so I created a layered embellishment, to which I fixed a small piece of paper with congratulations printed all over in a very small font; I then printed the full name of the recipient onto the embellishment (for this pic I have covered the name, just in case he hasn't received the card yet).  My customer was pleased with her order and I do hope her brother is too.

Off to work now - I can hear the card-making 'stuff' calling me, well a cup of coffee is calling me first of all.  Don't forget to check out the other Handmade Monday blogs, plus my followers and those I follow - they are great blogs and very inspirational.

I will be back on Wednesday - have a good week



  1. That sounds like a lot of work, it certainly looks like it. Def up market and academic, He should be thrilled.

  2. Lovely card Jill - cards for men are always so difficult and this one is just perfect!

    Ali x

  3. Perfect masculine card just hits the spot. I'm sure he'll love it

  4. Hello from a new follower and thank you for the kind comment on my blog.
    The colours in this card are great, I really like the stripes.

    Jan :o)

  5. Thanks for visiting Planet Penny. Your card is very stylish, it's hard to get something appropriate for a man so it's great to be able to get a bespoke one!

  6. What an imposing card, made even more imposing by the angle of the photo.

  7. I love it when things are made to order - everything can be tailored to the recipient and it's lovely his name is on there too.

  8. Now that is a MAN card.
    They are so rare as good as this.
    I wouldn't know where to start to make a card let alone make one so neat and crisp.
    Brilliant skilled work! xxx Rita

  9. Nice card jill. How did the workroom clearout go???!

  10. Jill, great card, cards for chaps are so hard to find... especially if you don't want one with a pint of beer or a golf club! I love that one.

  11. Hi jill well done on producing a great card for a man not always easy I love the lettered cards on your other blog tooo xxx

  12. Missed this post Jill, sorry must had seen the Sunday one, love the card


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