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Sunday 25 September 2011


Hi everyone

Welcome back to Handmade Monday- a great way to promote our blogs and showcase our makes.  It's great fun to read everyone's blog and leave comments about the beautiful work crafters produce.  Thank you to everyone who commented on my last Monday's post - I am glad you liked the card.

Today's card is for Christmas.  I love ribbon, and seem to buy quite a lot of it - my big problem is I love to see things in their natural state (so to speak) and hate cutting into them.  However, the ribbon I used for this came from a reel with 45 metres on, so I can afford to 'give up' some.  The card is standard heavy-weight white card, A3.  The topping is woven red ribbon which I have fixed to another piece of card and added a further sheet of thin card to the back to ensure it was neat and tidy.  I spent some time wondering what to put on the front by way of a greeting.  Initially I was going to put something onto acetate and fix it to the ribbon, but my concern was possible damage to the ribbon with any fixings I may use - brads would have created indentations.  I then decided the best thing to do was to not use acetate and just place the holographic rub-on straight onto the ribbon and here it is:

Some of the sections of ribbon look raised in the photograph, but I think that is just that the camera has picked up slightly the glossy Christmas bauble motifs.  I am never happy with the photographs I take - too much light, not enough light, wrong angle, etc and feel I need some expert guidance on how to get it just right.  One day perhaps - after I have got to grips with clearing my work room!

Autumn it may be, but let's hope the sun keeps shining for a few more weeks.  However, the colours of autumn (reds and yellows, gold s and browns - so gorgeous) are very inspirational to crafters and it gives me an idea for a range of cards using these lovely colours.

Have a good day everyone - I will be back posting on Wednesday, but in the mean time don't forget to visit the other contributors to Handmade Monday.



  1. I love the card - looks like a lot of work went into making it.

    I agree about autumnal colours. I love the sunshine but I do love the colours of autumn - very inspiring.

  2. Love the ribbon card and the silver tree looks so effective.

    I love to visit blogs and comment all part of the blogging community and etiquette, to show you have read and care with your fingers on the keyboard

  3. What a lovely Christamssy card but I haven't really got in the Christmas mood yet - I'm enjoying autumn too much. Roll on kicking piles of leaves!

  4. Wow the weaving looks lovely I feel the same way about fabric when I have to cut into it xxxx

  5. What a lovely card, very bright and cheerful.

  6. Wow, very pretty! It's wonderful to make handmade and also to receive it!

  7. Wow gorgeous! That would be a really special card to receive.

  8. That card is sooo unusual. Ideal for a very special person. Beautifully done.

  9. Lovely card. Very unusual. Lovely idea on how you use your ribbon

  10. What a great use of ribbon and I love how the Christmas tree looks on the front, the silver really sets it off.


  11. I love what you have done with the ribbon... it really lifts the card, just lovely!

  12. The ribbon on the card is such a gorgeous colour and the tree is so pretty.

    Jan x

  13. What a fabulous card - it must be A4 size if you used A3 card so even more impressive!
    Love the autumn colours too.
    Jo x


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