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Sunday 4 September 2011


Hi everyone

This is the first time for a very, very long time that I haven't reached Sunday evening thinking 'oh no, work tomorrow' and as you can imagine, my face resembles the smiley one to the left.  It's a great feeling, also a little strange, and although I suppose it will take a while to get used to a completely different way of life, I am sure I can manage somehow.  Went out for a celebratory meal with friends on Thursday evening and received the shock news that one of my friends also spent her last day at work on 31 August - she already has lots of plans for what she intends to do and we have agreed we will meet regularly to do some walking to keep fit and (groan) lose weight.

I had one card order this week to complete - it was for a marriage blessing.  The colours to be used were deep purple and silver.  I covered all of the card blank in purple holographic paper, then topped off back and front with silver glitter striped paper, leaving a purple border showing around the edge.  On top of that I added another layer, this time of decorated white vellum.  I added wording inside in deep purple, plus a trim of striped silver and you can see the finished card here.   Apart from colour preferences and the names of the couple, I didn't have a lot of information to work with so felt that it was best to keep it fairly simple in design.

We are in the middle of having various rooms in our home redecorated.  As you all know with animals it is hard not to have a furry finish on the paintwork.  Jazz and Daisy have been doing their bit and this is a picture of them after a very hard days decorating.  They decided snoozing on the dust sheets was a very good idea and would clearly put paid to any further decorating that day.

Had two trees removed from the front garden on Friday - ones we had planted many, many years ago and and swore we would maintain!  Did we?  No.  Such a difference - apart from making the front garden look bigger the rooms at the front of our home are now so much brighter!  Now need to do some plant pruning, shifting of big plants around and adding some more - low growing conifers will look good I think.

Just back from the RSPCA Gala Day at Chobham (RSPCA Millbrook) - the weather was pretty grim to start with but it is lovely to see that it doesn't really put people off from visiting and supporting this great place.  By the time we left, the sun was trying very hard to shine so I hope the event was a big success.  We went with a fellow cat-loving friend and we could have quite easily adopted all of the unreserved cats, but get a sneaky feeling Jazz and Daisy might have objected just a little.  Quite a few sad stories as to why they are there, but hopefully all will soon have very happy endings.  Bought a nearly brand new book on Calligraphy from the Centre's shop, so very pleased with that and also a book about Venice - a place we really love.

I hope you enjoy today's posting and don't forget to visit the lovely blogs of my followers and the blogs of the people I follow - settle down with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day of course) and enjoy them.  I will be back on Wednesday with more news and don't forget to post comments, as it is lovely to hear from my blog followers.



  1. Welcome to holiday crafting world, a world with no bullies, no red tape just enjoyment. May not sell much but so de-stressed. Think the cats have the right idea, how disgusting that you made them work so hard they had to collapse on the job! Love the card

  2. Enjoy your new life Jill, i hope it is successful.
    Love the card and the picture of the csts is adorable x

  3. Hope you enjoy your new JOB,i to am a stay at home card maker,LOVE LOVE it.
    Hope all goes well for you.


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