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Wednesday 14 September 2011


Hello everyone

Monday morning of this week was very strange for me.  For 20 years this particular Monday of every year has been frantic.  Have I got all of my courses prepared?  Have I planned sufficient activities for Induction?  Have I got a room booked?  Will the students turn up?  Will I turn up?  The day started off very wet and grey and I couldn't help thinking of my (now ex) colleagues and how they would be coping - most inductions will involve tours around the campus visiting various buildings/departments - in wet weather this can be grim.  However, by 10.00 am (the start time for most inductions) the sun was shining and I know this will cheer everyone up.  Good luck everyone - I hope the day went well for all of you.

Busy planning what I will be selling at the events I have booked.  Selling handmade work is hard going, particularly at the moment when everyone is being so careful about what they spend their money on.  Apart from a varied range of prices, good quality is very important and I know I and my fellow crafters place that as top priority for our products.

I took part in this week's Handmade Monday for the first time.  Had the opportunity to read some great blogs and view some really lovely work.  It's an opportunity to share our words of wisdom, so review my post for Monday of this week and have a look at the other blogs.  I will so be taking part in this week's Handmade By Me Thursday Blog-Hop that Caroline ( organises - these are great opportunities for our blogs to meet a wider audience and as always it is lovely to have comments and 'meet' other crafters.  Thank you everyone for the lovely comments you left for me, and I am embarrassed to say I still haven't made a start on my work room - perhaps today........

Below are pics of two of the Christmas cards I mentioned in my Monday Handmade post:

Both cards are made using thick A3 stock and 12" x 12" scrap book paper.  I tore the edgers of layers of complimenting backing paper for the first card - I like how this looks and often use it.  Both cards have a holographic embellishment and initially I was a bit concerned about how these would look, but I am pleased with the finish.

That's today's chatterings finished, off to make more Christmas card stock, well a little bit of craft retail therapy first.

Have a good day everyone



  1. Your cards are lovely! I am still working my way through the Handmade Monday list so I am a little late for that, but am enjoying your blog and love the name!
    Jo x

  2. Oh wonderful Jill. I can say nice things about all your 'makes' now. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.


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