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Sunday 25 September 2011


Hi everyone

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my posts of the last week - I love to read the comments and also to visit your blogs.

Another week has gone and I am still running to catch up with all of the things on my card-making To Do list.  Came to the conclusion recently that I work very well under pressure and at the moment there is no pressure to complete work, ie as in 'this card must be made by tomorrow' pressure.  Although having said that I think I am so overwhelmed by my To Do list that I have probably lost the plot completely!

Wednesday was apparently the official first day of Autumn - the good news is that the 'weather-makers' don't know that yet because the last couple of days have been glorious, very summery and the forecast for most of this week is for sun, sun and more sun - and high temperatures.  Excellent.  However, for me this is hard as I want to be outside gardening and really should be inside card-making.  Decisions, decisions.

I haven't made lots of cards this week, but am pleased with the ones I have completed.  Still several that are work in progress' just needing some glitz, glitter and sparkle added to them.  I recently bought a pack of Jolly Nation (or Paper Nation as it used to be called) box cards.  These are cards that are framed, have layers added inside the frame (these could be people, animals, presents, etc - depends on the card type) to build up an almost 3D image.  The lovely thing about the cards is that although when standing they are a box of approximately 3" x 5", they can be laid flat for posting/placing inside an envelope.  Here is an example of the ones I have so far made - I think they are great fun cards, hope you like them too.

I still haven't tidied up my work room - beginning to run out of excuses not to get in there and sort it out.  Busy week coming up, lots of cards to make, so maybe next week...............

Decision made, the garden has won.  Much too nice not to take advantage of this weather, so crafting later on I think.

Have a good day everyone - don't forget to check out tomorrow's Handmade Monday post.



  1. Great card. Looks very complicated and work intensive but well worth the effort. Unlike mine, lol. Dead flat and peel-offs. A good example of the amateur and the gifted professional.
    Raining here today by the way.

  2. Thank you, Carol. A bit of a cheat really as all parts are die-cut - makes life so much easier.


  3. Love the anniversary card, such fun


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